How To Fix An iPhone Alarm Clock Not Working

How To Fix An iPhone Alarm Clock Not Working

It goes without saying that the iPhone is a symbol of class. It therefore does not come as a surprise that people like to associate with it. First off, it is reliable. Then there is the fact that it comes along with one of the most effective operating systems in the planet at the moment. Unfortunately, all these perks do not mean that the iPhone is a perfect product. It comes along with its flaws too. One of them, which you probably won’t notice until you experience firsthand is the alarm clock function. That is, the alarm may fail to go off even after you set it correctly. Or the first alarm may go off but the second one wont. So just where is the problem? What causes it and how do you fix it?

The mute switch

This may sound obvious but it actually tops the list of the most common reasons why the alarm on your iPhone won’t go off. If the mute is switched ON, turn it OFF. Be sure to also check on the volume level of your iPhone. It should be at a decent level. Too low simply means you won’t hear your alarm. Turn it on to full level so as to hear the alarm with ease.

Third party applications

It is impossible to use smartphones without installing new applications. There is a downside though with some applications. Some of them often interfere with iPhone functions. With that in mind, ensure that you do not use any third party alarm application with stock clock application of your iPhone. If by any chance you have such an application, simply uninstall it, the reboot your phone and check if your alarm works.


Accessories are good!They are designed to guarantee convenience. Be keen when using them though. If your phone is connected to your Bluetooth device or headset, then you know for a fact that you wont be able to hear the alarm going off unless you have the accessories plugged in your ears.  Always use your iPhone’s inbuilt speakers so as to hear the alarm.

Another tip worth noting here is the iOs update issue. The solution here is simple. Always update your iOS. The alarm feature is run by a softwareprogram just like other features. So if the iOS is out of date, it won’t work well.

Reset settings

Try to reset all the settings. This is always a good idea especially if you also have issues with other applications. You could have made changes somewhere on the settings without knowing the implications. Simply go to ‘Settings’ then to ‘General’ then ‘Reset’ and finally ‘Erase all settings’. Keep in mind that this will erase all settings on your phone, so be careful. Your phone will go back to its default settings so you should be able to set your alarm again with ease.

Apple care

Think of your iphone as any other gadget you own. Chances are, it may fail at some point. Good thing for you though, if this happens with your iphone. They have one of the most effective if not reliable customer service solutions. Keep in touch with them and be as detailed as possible with your issue.

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