How to save GIF’s on Iphone & Ipad’s


How to save GIF’s on Iphone & Ipad’s

There’s no denying that having GIFs on your site does convey a unique sense of amazing appeal and it also brings in front great possibilities. Not only that, but GIFs are quite fun to carry around, but what do you do if you find a GIF online and want to get it immediately? Thankfully what you need to do is very easy, and that’s why we created a small guide that will help you download GIFs to your iOS device without a problem.

Regular option to save or download GIF’s on Iphone & Ipad

  • What you need to do first is to identify the GIF you want to download. That’s why you need to visit the websites that have GIFs or maybe browse your favorite sites and check out the GIF at your disposal. Tap on it to enlarge the image and get on its specific page.
  • When you are on the desired GIFs page, you will need to tap and hold on the GIF until you see the option to Save Image. That’s when you need to save your image.
  • Once you do so, it will appear in your camera roll, however it won’t appear as a GIF here even if it’s still formatted as GIF so keep that in mind.
  • If you want to send it to your friends, open the mail or chat app, choose the option to add an attachment and place the GIF there. It will work as you saw on the site, even if in the camera roll you won’t be able to see it in motion.

GIFwrapped option

This application is a GIF downloader that also has its own dedicated browser. It’s a very easy to use tool that helps you download GIF files, and you can even send them to Dropbox, share them on your messaging app or even preview GIFs if you so desire. With help from this app you can boost your experience and check out some of the most interesting ways to acquire GIFs.

  • Install GIFwrapped and open it
  • Browse the GIFs you want with the dedicated browser.
  • Tap and hold on the desired GIF, wait until you get the option to Save
  • Choose to Save your GIF on the device
  • Open it up with the app and save or share it

GifPlayer method

GifPlayer is a very useful app that helps you download the desired GIFs without a problem. Not only can you view GIFs online with the dedicated browser, but it also helps you play, share and download GIF with ease.

  • Install the app and open it up
  • Enter the site you want to get GIFs from
  • Tap and hold on the desired GIF that you want to download
  • Choose to Save your GIF to your device
  • You can use GifPlayer to preview your GIF.

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As you can see, there are quite a lot of tools that you can use in order to view GIFs and it all comes down to you to find the right one that suits your needs. You should totally check them out or try the regular option if you want, either way downloading GIF files from the web using your iOS device will be very easy as long as you use any of these 3 methods!

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