Iphone 5s and 5c price down

Apple, a brand which needs no introduction. It has introduced it’s Iphone model- Iphone 5, a year ago. And after that Apple for the first time launched two versions of iphones together i.e iphone 5S and iphone 5C.

Iphone 5S was a premium version, launched with a metal body and on the other hand 5C was launched with colorful plastic body and with similar internal components as of iphone 5.
And Apple introduced iphone 5c with a view to capture Indian market in mid range segment. And on the other hand it discontinued Iphone 5 since Iphone 5 was selling at the price of Iphone 5c at that moment and it had the same looks as Iphone 5s. But the experiment with Iphone 5c didn’t work out well. Iphone 5c, a mid range iphone which was launched at MRP of Rs 41,000 for 16 GB internal memory. It faced tough competition with the android phones which had better hardware and relatively lower price. For example Sony Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy S5, LG NEXUS 5 and many more which were tough competitors of iphone 5c.


Iphone 5s and 5c price down

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So Apple was left with no other option but to reduce the price of iphone 5c in order to attract the customers and to capture the market in that segment. Reduction in prices was done with a view to encourage the customers to go after Iphone 5C and to overcome the competitors. But still it lagged behind the android phone which were in the same range.

And now Apple has also reduced the price of Iphone 5s. The rumors behind doing so is the upcoming launch of iphone 6 which is expected to be released in September, 2014. This can be seen as a strategic move to make new room for iphone 6. As per the sources Iphone 6 is expected to have a bigger size , more slimmer and will be having more features than the the older models of iphone. In depth Details of Iphone 6 shall be given in my next post.


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On 26 june, 2014, Walmart permanently cut down the price of iphone 5s and 5c models in USA and now they are available at cheaper price. Previously Iphone 5s with internal memory 16Gb was of $ 149 on contract and now its price has been cut down to only $99. Similarly for 5c, the older rates of 5c was $49 on contract and now it is available at $29. This can be seen as a big move in mobile market. Apple is trying to reach the pocket of every consumer by reducing the price. Now it has become cheaper for the customers to buy apple phones. This can help Apple to attract more and more customers and to increase profit margin.

An interesting rumour about Iphon6 is that iOS8 will be launched in september. Iphone6 will be driven by the latest version iOS8 and will come with 128GB storage.

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