Convergence by Lewis Hildreth

By Lewis Hildreth

the hundreds of the realm are woefully unaware of what they'll quickly confront, completely unprepared for what's quickly coming. people will both stop to exist or be unrecognizable as a God-created species. What in the world is occurring? That which heretofore existed in basic terms within the imaginations of technological know-how fiction writers is now clinical truth. Glow-in-the-dark pigs? traditional pigs' DNA mixed with glow-in-the-dark jelly fish DNA. A cow giving human milk? That cow is a component human! each dwelling factor has DNA: people, animals, crops, reptiles, sea creatures, bugs, micro organism, viruses. DNA: the mechanism which shops all the genetic info that makes every one residing creature precise. Scientists are splicing genes of 1 residing creature into embryos of a special residing creature, developing new existence varieties. Coming developments in machine expertise will quickly permit pcs to be interfaced with genetically-enhanced human our bodies and brains, growing a few type of post-human species. contemplating all the unidentified flying object videos, documentaries, and propaganda on hand, are we being "desensitized" to the prospect that there can be a "UFO connection" in our destiny besides? out of control use of assorted applied sciences will convey out the darkish aspect of human nature. All dwelling issues can, and should, have their DNA exchanged to shape a few new, remarkable creature or humanoid. a lot of these issues (and many extra) are converging towards the destruction of lifestyles as we all know it on the earth ... except God intervenes.

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