How to restart or reboot your iPhone?

How to restart or reboot your iPhone?

Is your iphone  troubling you up??  Is Your iphone locked up and not respond to any input?? Facing a problem of frozen or hanged up iphone?? Thinking of restarting or rebooting your iphone and don’t know how to do it. So here we brings for you simple step by step procedure  to restart or  reboot your iphone.

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How to restart or reboot your iPhone?

Steps to restart or reboot your  IPhone

  1. Press and hold the sleep/wake button which is on the top-right corner of your iPhone.
  2. Keep holding the button (near about five seconds) until you see a slider button on your iphone screen which is labeled as “Slide to power off”.
  3. Move the slider across the screen, to turn off the iPhone. Or, if you do not want to turn off your iphone  , you can just press the  “Cancel “ button which is at the bottom of your  iphone  screen.

Now  your iPhone is off . If  you want to turn your iphone  back on, you can again press down and hold the sleep/wake button which is on the top of your iphone  until Apple icon appears on the screen. (This will take few seconds.) After few moments Apple icon will comes  on your iPhone screen, it will be restarted and you will see your home screen again on your iphone.

Even after the  restart or reboot of your iphone doesn’t fix the problem you are facing in your iPhone , then you can also try to restore your iphone by following the  below given  simple steps.

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Steps to Restore IPhone

  1. Connect your  iPhone to PC or laptop.
  2. Go to” iTunes” options , select iPhone from  the Devices list, then click Summary which is at the top of the screen.
  3.  Then click “Check for Update.” iTunes tells you if there is a new version of the iPhone software is available or not.
  1. Click on the  “Restore”  option.

Follow the onscreen instructions. When restoring, it is highly recommended that you should make a   back up of your iPhone when prompted. When the iPhone software has been restored, you can either set it up as a new iPhone, or  you can restore your favorite music, videos, app data, and other contents  from a backup created at the time of restoring.

I hoped now that one of the above ways will surely  help you to solve the problem you are facing with your iPhone(How to restart or reboot your iPhone?).

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