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3 Vape Apps


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Since vaping is becoming quite mainstream, there is bound to be applications for your Apple iPhone and Android-related devices.  There are three buckets of vape apps that can help you in your daily life. The three categories are General App, Calculator App, and Stop Smoking Apps.  We will discuss some of the best of breed vape app in this article.

General Vape App

The original vape app is the Vape Boss.  This app was founded five years ago when the founders were able to wean himself off his cigarette habit through the use of vaping.  This app is available on iOS and Android and is free of charge. It offers a little bit of everything for the user. For example, if you needed some info on mods or juices like Pachamama ejuice, you can find it in here.  You can even connect with other vapers through the social platform and allow for interaction.  This app does a great job of building an ecosystem for vapers to exchange ideas and offer recommendations to other vapers.  This is especially important for an industry that is still in its early stages but definitely booming. This app also helps on the retail end as vape retailers are able to help customers be more integrated with their local store.  If you were connected to a local store via the app, you could get alerts as to stock of a particular juice. You could also be alerted to sales that are occurring at a particular store to get your fix quicker. As a general app, the Vape Boss should be your go too.

Ohm Calculator App

There are quite a few Ohm Calculators out there, but one of the best ones is the Ohm’s Law by Creature Code Mobile.  For the mod enthusiasts out there, this app provides for an easy interface that allows you to enter any and all variables and receive the correct output information.  The good thing about this app is that it is simple in the way it presents the information and does not overwhelm the user. This is especially useful for the novice vapers, but also good for more advanced users in its simplicity.

Quit Smoking App

Of the landscape of the Quite Smoking apps, QuitNow! App by Fewlaps is free to download unlike many of the smoke-free apps out there.  Features of this app include a money-saving module, time-saving module, days spent not smoking module. Basically, all these features give you an idea of the benefits of not smoking.  The money that you are saving by not buying cigarettes. The time being more productive because you are not out on a smoke break. The days spent not smoking is like a sobriety coin. These are the number of days you are healthier and not doing something to harm your health.  There is also a social component to the app which might be one of the most important and useful. You can add friends that can help support you through your quitting journey. You can win virtual awards for not smoking a certain number of days and you can get praise from supporters.  It is not easy to quit, but with a team, you can do it.

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