Tricks n Tips 3 Ways To Convert Excel to PDF

3 Ways To Convert Excel to PDF


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File conversion is one of the most frequent administrative jobs that corporate types come across all around the world. PDF, or portable document format, is the standard to which printers are set up on. It’s the final extension of a document that is ready for final printing, as it usually doesn’t reformat when opened on any application.

You see, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents can be printed as is. Still, if you’re not printing the file and only sending it to another person in a team, the chances are high that the original formatting will change when those files are opened in different office suites, and even in similar ones with different versions. This is why converting to PDF is important. In this article, we’ve collated three effective ways of converting excel files to PDF.

Through browser-based applications

Most of the time, converting Excel files to PDF needs to be done in a jiffy. This is because this is the last part of the process before dissemination, printing, and even publication. If you happen to be away from your main computer, you can use browser-based applications like PDF Bear to do the job right.

PDF Bear has a suite of applications you can use to split PDF and convert PDF to Excel, Word, Powerpoint and vice-versa. While most conversions usually involve Office-based files to be turned into PDF, doing the opposite of this process can be a nightmare. A PDF file usually has limited editability. So if you’re turning one to a more editable file format, you’d need to check the PDF first for images, vectors, and other elements.

When that’s done, flattening those elements is key to a successful conversion. For PDF files that need to be converted into Excel, PDF Bear usually just needs you to upload the file in question and go through a short process of flattening and converting. The resulting Excel file should behave, run, and can be opened in any software that reads .xlsx files.

Through mobile app

Mobile apps dictate the way smartphones are used nowadays. We have an app for almost anything. While browser-based applications like PDF Bear usually do a better job of converting PDF documents to more editable formats, there are several apps in both the iOS and Android platforms that are great alternatives.

Foxit PDF Reader, for example, can edit, annotate, and convert PDF files into almost any MS-ready format. It’s also an exceptional choice of a PDF creator so you can readily send and share PDFs to colleagues anytime. Converting PDF to Excel files can be a little more stressful through this method, but with light documents, it should be fine.

Keeping one downloaded in your phone is handy for situations where you don’t have mobile data, but if you’re scraping on memory, it’s better to save a bookmark to browser-based applications.

Through a standalone software

Standalone PDF creators and editors are powerful apps built from the ground up to tend to anything PDF-related. For small business owners, owning one should be a necessity for work computers. There are many free PDF applications out there, but none so much as effective, as powerful, and as streamlined as the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The free version should do the trick, but for advanced functions like converting PDF to Excel, you’d need the Pro version. If you have the budget, then go for it. If not, then you have to research for other alternatives.


Converting to PDF, whether it is an Excel file, a Word document, or a Powerpoint presentation, is fairly easy to do nowadays. As you’ve learned from this article, you won’t have to do the heavy lifting since the process is automated. You just need to learn how to set up the process properly. For other documents types, a quick search on Google on the how-to should be enough.


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