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5 Ways How You Can Benefit from Playing Video Games


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5 Ways How You Can Benefit from Playing Video Games


Amidst the chaos of our daily lives, there is a growing need for people to unplug from their busy schedules and hectic work routines. Even young adults as college students are not spared the stress that comes with the high-pressure academic setting of higher education. Those who feel overburdened and crushed by their academic workload may even want to get custom writing help for their assignments to relieve the strain.

In a bid to unwind, people indulge themselves in all sorts of recreational and entertaining activities including exercising, watching movies, listening to soothing music, having regular massage sessions, and playing various kinds of sports. One recreational activity that has gained widespread popularity globally over the past few decades is video gaming.

By definition, it is an electronic game that can be played only on a computing device using a screen as the visual interface. Today, video games can be played using standalone gaming consoles (such as PlayStation or Xbox) connected to a display, desktops and laptops (PC games), and smartphones and tablets (mobile games).

With a history dating back to the 1950s, video games are more than a simple pasttime. Today, it is a massive industry generating hundreds of billions of dollars in annual revenues globally. But the story doesn’t end there. The gaming sector has spawned other allied industries and millions of jobs around the world. In fact, there are people who pursue a career as professional gamers. Sounds strange? Well, you may be intrigued to learn that there is an increasing number of people who, with pride and highly competitive spirit, play video games for a living.

Regardless of why people indulge in video gaming, it’s always a contentious topic to talk about. Unfortunately, as is so with many other activities, there are people who do not apply moderation when playing video games thereby developing a video gaming addiction. This has its own set of consequences some of which can be fatal. But that doesn’t mean it’s all gloom and doom for video gaming. On the bright side, there are real benefits you can get from playing video games. And, five of them we listed below.

1. Video Gaming Improves Mental Cognition

A fascinating fact about our bodies is that there are thousands of connections and dependencies we’re not fully aware of. One good effect can bring about a dozen of other positive impacts. Various researches have shown that playing video games can boost our mental abilities.

Video gaming typically requires the active engagement of various mental faculties with players having to make quick decisions, concentrate on tasks, and strategize on their game plan. Over time, this results in a wide range of benefits including developed critical thinking skills, longer attention span, and a boost in the information processing speed when reading or analyzing things. In short, it’s safe to say that playing video games a few hours a week can make a person more keen over time.

2. It Can Boost Human Memory and Learning Abilities

There is empirical evidence showing that playing video games can boost information retention and recollection. Gamers have to actively engage their visual memory when playing. Many games may require them to remember and recall object location or places of events. That actively stimulates the regions of your brain that are responsible for memory, space awareness, and motor functions.

Clearly, those activities are closely connected with the improvement in mental cognition. Similarly, when playing games, people get to acquire new information about historical events, people, phenomena, human-made, and natural objects. The beauty of this is that learning in a gaming context happens in a fun way, which lets you memorize things better. It is little wonder that many schools use various game-based approaches to teach kids.

3. Playing Video Games Can Improve Sight

This may come as a surprise since many people consider the activity as impairing our visual abilities over time. However, that is likely when playing excessively at a stretch for hours and in close proximity to the screen.

Different scientific studies have established that video games can moderately improve visual capabilities. One such study showed that playing video games for tens of hours over a maximum of 3 months can help people with defective visual contrast sensitivity tell apart various shades of grey.

A second study showed that players with a “lazy eye” condition (known as Amblyopia) who used only the defective eye to play action games had their visual functions restored. By contrast, other study participants (control group) who partook in other non-gaming activities saw no improvement.

4. It Improves Body Coordination and Multitasking Skills

When gaming, players often have to make coordinated movements between their eyes, hands, and legs. Also, there are games that require players to focus on achieving an objective while monitoring other parameters.

The benefit here, as established by one scientific study in Germany, is that the increase of grey matter in the stimulated brain regions yield various positive effects including improved motor skills when doing other activities besides gaming. It can also boost your multitasking capability.

5. Video Games Can Help Dyslexic Children

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that is characterized by difficulty in reading, spelling, and writing. Some common symptoms include making regular mistakes when reading or spelling simple words and consistently confusing specific words for others.

Thanks to the heightened concentration and active coordination between the brain and other body parts, especially the hands and eyes, when gaming, children with dyslexia can overcome the difficulties of the condition. Research studies have shown that dyslexic kids who regularly play action games can develop error-free reading.

These are a limited number of the many good sides to video gaming. If you’ve never been keen on video gaming, it’s not too late to get yourself actively involved. But you’d be well advised to play with moderation to avoid any potential adverse effects. A couple of hours per session followed by hours away from the device would be our practical tip for avoiding excessive gameplay consequences.

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