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5 Ways to Save Snapchat Pictures, chats, Video, Snaps Permanently without the Sender’s Knowledge


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Snapchat is one of the most trending applications being used every day by teens and adults alike. It is second only to Whatsapp, and its popularity has overshadowed all other messaging applications and services. Snapchat’s ability to send and receive temporary messages in the form of videos, images, texts, stories, etc. ‘Temporary’ in the sense that every Snapchat (which is the term used to describe the message received or sent via the application), disappears as soon as the receiver views the message. If the receiver does not view or see the message, it gets deleted after thirty days. Yes, even the owners of Snapchat have confirmed that snaps are deleted from their servers after they are viewed once. This unique feature has endeared the app to teens in the sense that a lot of messages could be sent or received, knowing fully well that such messages, photos or videos would be deleted forever and be secured.  Snapchat’s popularity and user base are growing on a daily basis.

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5 Ways to Save Snapchat Pictures, chats, Video, Snaps Permanently without the Sender’s Knowledge

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But what if you desire to save a certain video or image permanently in the gallery in your iPhone or Android? Maybe you like a particular video and would love to retain it on your phone, but due the features of Snapchat, you run the risk of losing it all? Here are five ways to save Snapchats in your Android’s or iPhone’s gallery without the knowledge of the sender:

5 Ways to Save Snapchat Snaps Permanently without the Sender’s Knowledge on Iphone/Android

  • One of the easiest ways to save snaps is by taking a picture of the snap that is received by using a camera. This technique is a little awkward as you have no other option than to press and hold to look at the snap.
  • You can also make use of your PC or Mac in saving snaps. But for this method to be successful, the snaps have to remain unopened. You will need a software application known as ‘iFunBox’ or its alternative, ‘iFile’ to search for the videos or images on your mobile device after connecting the smartphone to your PC or Mac. Then, proceed to download and save them on your computer system.

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  • If you have already viewed the snap, and it has been obliterated, you can utilize software that is used to recover files that have been accidentally deleted. Data recovery applications like Disk Digger Pro and the likes can also be used to retrieve snaps as well. You need to know how to recover files that you have lost on your Android or iPhone.
  • You should download any of these complementary Snapchat clients like Snapcrack, Casper, Savemysnaps, Snapchat Saver, SaveSnap, etc. which are available on the Android and iOS platforms. These applications allow you to save messages, videos or images on Android or iPhone without the knowledge of the sender. You don’t need to screenshot any message if you utilize these applications.
  • Another method that some users have claimed that it works is this; even as you take a screenshot on your smartphone or mobile device, place a finger on the ‘Home’ button and position another finger on the power button of your gadget. As you relinquish the positions, and as the snaps section appears again, tap the ‘home’ button twice before the image or message disappears. Snapchat will not be able to detect that you have saved the snaps.

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