5G Is Just Around The Corner, But Would You Use It?


AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint are to launch the ‘revolutionary’ 5G technology, but the question is, will people use it? Roll outs of the new technology are set to begin in Q4 of 2018 with further expansion to take place in 2019, with all four major carriers looking to make the move before their competitors. To put the new technology into context and gain a perspective on things, it is important to see the percentage of people who are aware of the 5G roll outs. Despite the excitement within the carriers and the press, a recent study shows over half of the respondents who claim they did not know about the rise of the new technology, with 59% people claiming they were unaware on the horizon of 5G. Interestingly enough, out of the 4 major carriers, T-Mobile have the highest percentage of subscribers to their company who are aware of the 5G rollout with 48.2% of people reporting that they understood that carriers are working on the availability of the new technology.

So people are aware, but how many of them actually have an understanding of the benefits of the technology? Around a fifth of respondents felt they have a strong understanding of the benefits of the 5G service. Only 10.4% of the total respondents thought they understood 5G very well, while a huge 55.6% of respondents felt they had little or no clarity on the new high-speed technology.

Before analysis of respondents who claim they would use 5G let’s see how many are ‘excited’ about the ‘revolutionary’ service. A significant 38.1% of consumers claim they are not excited about 5G even after they have been made aware of the new technology. A major concern for carriers who are on the opposite end of the excitement spectrum.

So after the excitement, awareness and understanding of 5G, how many people would be willing to use it in their households? What if I told you less a fifth of people would be use 5G home broadband service? That’s right, only 17% of consumers would utilize the technology, not the best news for the four major players looking to roll out and expand 5G. Despite the new technology appearing somewhat unpopular among respondents, other barriers such as the claimed link between cell phone use and cancer may provide resistance to the aggressive roll out of the new 5G towers across the country.