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Apple’s New Services


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Not long ago, Apple was considered to be the gold standard when it comes to smartphones because of the increased quality that their phones carry, and the constant innovation Apple is pushing out. However, because of the latest players in the phone market, people have access to a wider range of phones, with various specifications.

As technology is getting cheaper and better, budget Chinese phone manufacturers can create premium devices, making Apple less and less relevant every year. As a response to this ongoing trend, the tech giant Apple has pushed out a number of new subscription services meant to keep the company relevant, and their users engaged.

Apple News+

Apple’s success is a result of the community and ecosystem that they have built. As part of their ecosystem, Apple users have access to apps and services that the rest of the smartphone users don’t. With its new strategy, Apple is aiming to provide more functionalities to its ecosystem, keeping the already existing users loyal to their global brand.

The most successful service that is part of the newly announced services is Apple News+, the app meant to enhance their ecosystem by providing the users with access to quality news.

Apple is aiming to create a Netflix for the News and Magazine world through their News+ service, bringing all of your favorite magazines and subscriptions into a single place. Through the app, people can have access to over 300 magazines and journals such as National Geographic, The New Yorker, Popular Science, and The Wall Street Journal.

Apple is keeping its creative and designing standards high with this app as well, providing it with innovative design features. Each issue accessible through the app will be specially designed for Apple News+, having live covers, and a format that fits your phone perfectly.

The service is already available to the broad public.

Apple Arcade

Even if Apple Arcade isn’t live yet, the big promises regarding this service can easily make tech and gaming enthusiasts excited. A cloud gaming platform available on mobile devices and other Apple gadgets open new doors for the world of gaming.

The cloud technology can revolutionize gaming, allowing people to access premium games regardless of the hardware they are using. Apple is aiming to make gaming more accessible to their users by providing them with over 100 quality games exclusive for Apple Arcade, into a single subscription.

The approach Apple is taking to cloud gaming is quite innovative considering that most cloud gaming services are focusing on the computer market at the moment. Because of such services, developers will have the opportunity to create better games without the fear of making them too powerful and inaccessible for most devices.

Such a service comes in handy for the mobile market since, until now, people didn’t have access to premium games, accessible on all phone configuration with the exception of casino games. Online casinos have always been accessible from all phones, allowing people to have a great gaming experience while being on the go.

Playing the free slots from your phone always represented a great entertainment activity because of the fun that comes with such games. However, people will now start having access to even more powerful games through Apple’s cloud platform.

Even if Apple is focusing on bringing great developers to their platform to create powerful and premium games, hopefully, they will also include casino options, for the gambling passionates.

Apple TV & TV+

Through their TV subscription service, Apple is aiming to allow their users to bring all of their TV subscriptions into a single place, their app acting as the single channel they need for entertainment purposes.

Even if Apple TV is not a direct competitor to the big movie streaming services and channels, their Apple TV+ service is. Apple is aiming to create their content in partnership with big names in the movie industry, and release it on their TV+ platform.

You can expect quality movies for their new platform since Apple is already in direct partnership with reputable names such as Steven Spielberg, Sophia Coppola, and J.J. Abrams.


Even if Apple is losing ground in the smartphone and hardware market because of newer Chinese competitors, they are aiming to overtake the technology throne through their new subscription services.

The three services mentioned above are meant to enhance the functionalities of the Apple ecosystem, providing their users with more great services and apps. Even if at the current moment only Apple News+ is released to the public, the other services are expected to get released sometime this year.

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