Apps to Record Phone Calls on iPhone

Apps to Record Phone Calls on iPhone

Many a times you might have felt a need to record your conversation but unfortunately iphone has no such inbuilt feature to provide you call recording.

In many situations, you may need to record the phone calls for some or the other use . This wont be possible without a third party call recording app


Apps to Record Phone Calls on iPhone

Apple App store brings for an ample number of apps to record phone calls on your iphone , just you have to choose the best fit app for you. So to make your decision easier and to help you find the best fit app to record phone calls on your iphone , we brings for the list of top 5 best apps to record phone calls on iphone

1)Google Voice

Google Voice  uses and features are already very well known, but one feature that you might be interested in is voice recording ability. This can be done by just pressing the number four while you received a call. But it provides recording facility only for incoming call and not for outgoing call. Best thing about Google Voice is that it is absolutely free and provides you with a ton of other features.

2)TapeACall ($9.99)

TapeCall app allows you to record phone call while you are on a call, just you have to tap on the record button and then the call will be automatically recorded. This app is one of the best app to record phone calls on iPhone as there is no time limit for recording your call. The recorded phone calls will be saved as MP3 filesin your iphone.

3)Call Log Pro

Call Log Pro is another app that you can find in your apple app store to record phone call on iPhone. By using this app you can  record outgoing calls. You can use it both online and offline also. The call recorder is free but only for the first two minutes of the call but after that to record more you would have to pay as an in-app purchase. The recordings made by this app are saved in the call log section of this app.

4)Call Recorder FREE

If you looking for an app which can record both incoming and outgoing calls , then Call Record FREE is the app you are looking for. Call Recorder FREE helps you to record both the outgoing as well as incoming calls. When you’re on a call, you just need to click on the record button on your app and then the app will dial a number and then you have to merge both the calls so as to start call recording. Similarly for outgoing calls , you have to first dial a recording number and then dial the number at which you want to make a call to and then merge both of these calls to start recording.

5)CallRec Pro – Record Phone Calls

This iPhone app will help you to record your both outgoingas well as incoming calls. While making a phone call, you have to start this app by pressing the home button . Then start recording by clicking on the red “Record” button . the recorded call will be displayed on the main screen of the app, and you can play it, you can rename the recorded call and you can also delete the recorded call.

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So here our list of top 5 best apps to record phone calls on iphone ends. I hope now you can record your calls with an ease but before using call recording apps for recording call make sure it is legal in our country.

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