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How to Backup Iphone


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Have you ever wondered what would happen if your iPhone get damage or lost!! This will automatically wipe all your precious and important stuff and you will be rendered empty hands. The only way to deal with this is to make back up of your iPhone data. Backing up your precious and important data is always a great idea to preserve it.

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Now thinking of how to make backup of your iPhone data?? So here is the solution of your problem. You can back up data of your iPhone either using iTunes or you can also opt for iCloud and then get rid of from the fear of losing the important stuff on your iPhone. Using iTunes you can create back up of the data on your PC while iCloud, provides you cloud storage for making back up of your iPhone data.

How to Backup Iphone

How to Backup Iphone

Here I am going to share about How to Backup Iphone by two methods .

How to back up iPhone using iTunes

Creating back ups using iTunes is simple and easy to do. Just few clicks and your back up is created.

  1. First of all you should have the latest version of iTunes installed on your pc.
  2. Then connect your device i.e iphone with the PC.
  • Then click on File option, followed by devices and then select on Back up.

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Another way by which you can create back up using iTunes is just by synchronizing your iPhone with your PC. By synchronizing your iphone, the data back up of your iPhone will be created on your PC automatically.



How to Recover iPhone back up using iTunes

To recover or restore iphone data using iTunes perform the following steps

  1. Go to iTunes Preferences.
  2. Click on Device tab.
  3. Then choose the device and time of the back up from where you want to restore and tap on OK option.

Your back up will be restored on your device.

How to back up iPhone using iCloud

If you don’t want to depend on your pc for back up, here is another option for you to create back up by using iCloud. iCloud provide you with the facility to create back up of your iPhone from anywhere and anytime and that too hassle free.

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To create back up using iCloud , do the following simple steps.

  1. Click on settings app on your iPhone and then tap on iCloud option.
  2. Then select Storage and back up from the list.
  3. Then iCloud Back up should be turned on if it is not on.
  4. Now you can create back up just by setting back up now.

Now your back up is created and stored on a cloud storage automatically.

How to recover or restore iPhone back up using iCloud

You can easily recover your iPhone back up from every hook and corner of the world by using iCloud. All you need is a 3g/4g or Wi-Fi connection and then follow the below given instruction to recover the back up.

  1. Click on settings app on your iPhone and the select restore from iCloud back up.
  2. Then choose Storage and back up.
  3. Select the back up you want to restore on your iPhone.

Your back up will be immediately transfer on your iphone.

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If you resist in creating back up of your data , you can save it by using some other method also. For instance, you can try file sharing sites or you can also option for Google Drive, Drop Box or some other cloud sharing services for the same. But be sure from laundering of your private information. Here you can read another way  How to Backup Iphone  using DropBox and Google Drive

So keep your precious data with you always because you cant go back in past. But you can preserve it be creating back up.

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