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Best eSports Apps Reviewed


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eSports have become hugely popular over the past few years. Esports gamers have become very famous, and there has been an expansion of leagues and tournaments. This had led to a whole load of esports content for you to enjoy. One of the most popular esports game is CSGO. You can view csgo apps to download that will help to provide a more enjoyable experience. However, there are also many other types of esports games that you can enjoy. In this article, we list and review the best Esports apps that help to enhance the overall experience. These applications can be enjoyed on your iPhone, and they also cover the most popular eSports games.


This wouldn’t be an eSports article if we didn’t mention twitch. This application has become very well known as it allows gamers to directly stream. It has many celebrity endorsements, and most of the popular gamers use Twitch as a way to engage with their fans. The growth of eSports has largely coincided with the growth of the streaming platform known as Twitch. One of the advantages of this application is that it can be enjoyed on multiple desktop and mobile devices. This means you have full access to all of its features on the iOs app which is available to easily download from the App Store. One of the best features of the app is the chat functionality which allows you to directly interact with streamers. You can also go live straight from the application.


The world of eSports is constantly changing. It can be difficult for even the most dedicated fan to properly stay up to date. This application allows you to stay in tune with all major developments in eSports. It gives you detailed breakdowns of various leagues and provides with fantastic real-time match info. It also gives you detailed breakdowns of games that are tailored to your specific interests. Additionally, it provides eSports that is directly relevant to these interests. The app lets you choose from the games that you are most interested in and it natively supports the most popular eSports games. This means you can easily stay in the loop.

Also, it allows you to easily keep track of and follow the latest eSports matches. It provides an overview of leagues and gives you a detailed timetable of upcoming matches. This means you will no longer miss the most anticipated eSports clashes. It also features useful statistics such as expected lineups, and results of previous encounters. This app provides a fantastic data solution to eSports and means you can consistently keep up to date with the latest matches.

theScore esports

This next application is like the ESPN of the eSports world. This application has you covered for everything involving eSports. This involves news, scores, statistics, and a whole lot more. They provide extensive coverage of the majority of the most popular eSports games. Their overall package cannot be rivaled in terms of the sheer content they provide. The scores aspect is easy to use and keeps in you in touch with all of the live matches. The feed gives you tailored news based on the games you are interested in. You can choose to “follow” specific parts which give you live notifications. For example, you can choose to have notifications on for a specific game, player or league. This application is highly convenient to use and provides a superior user interface. The features are embedded perfectly which makes it easy and intuitive to navigate.


You will now have a clearer idea of what the best Esports apps are. The Esports industry is growing at a very fast rate, and there has been a demand for applications to improve the experience. Thus far, these applications provide the best way to boost your experience and get close to the eSports action. The benefit of these apps is that they can work seamlessly with your iPhone.

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