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Best Fake Tattoo Apps for Iphone


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Tattoo drawing is a very delicate decision to make and when you finally made it, there is a need to make sure you are getting the right design and that the design is going to be drawn by the best tattoo artiste so as not to end up regretting. Aside the stress of picking tattoo designs which the best or top tattoo design apps can help you with or better still, which you can select at a tattoo salon, there is the pain you tend to undergo in getting this tattoo. Most people in fact don’t want the tattoo but yet they are being oppressed from all angles on social media seeing friends posting their ribbed bodies with tattoo on them. For this category of people, some are wise enough to have the tattoo on their  pictures leaving the question about  where the tattoo they had earlier on their pictures went to be answered at other times. other people leaves the choice of design to the tattoo artiste and this could not be all that advantageous has any error would be bore by just you.

          Best Fake Tattoo Apps for Iphone


For the category of other people who take their time to venture into the world of Iphone apps in search of the best application that would broaden their knowledge on how to pick a most unique tattoo design, here are some of the best fake tattoo apps for iPhone users. The reason why they are fake is not because the design in themselves cannot be drawn but because the application allows you to place the tattoo design of your choice on the picture of any part of your body so as to have the slight idea of how the tattoo will look like should you venture to have one on. Below are the list of the best fake tattoo apps for iPhone users.

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  1. Tattoo Design– Try Tattoo On Body Art Inked

This app gives you the chance to try whatever design of tattoo you’ve been wishing to get on so as to be sure how you are going to look in it before drawing on your body the permanent one. It comes with a functional camera setting which enables you to take a picture of yourself, add the tattoo of your choice on the picture the tattoo of which you are at the liberty to choose from the numerous design in the app. This app comes with editing features where you can erase off the section of the tattoo design u might want to alter or blend the tattoo into your skin and other editing features.

  1. HD Tattoo Designs Pro Catalog

Before I venture into the wonderful details of this app, I need to let you know from the outset that this app is not for free. This app is unique in that instead of mixed categories of tattoo designs many other apps present, this app collects popular and most trendy tattoo design under categories and hence, it helps you in knowing the exact thing you want. So instead of scrolling through numerous pictures of several tattoo design, you can click on the cross category to see several patterns of the cross tattoo designs. It could rose or many other categories in this app. You can save these high definition pictures and share with family and friends.

  1. Tattoo you

This comes in a free package for limited features and an in purchase package for the total package. This is a very recreational app for body tattoo as well that allows you to pick colorful tattoo designs . the sad news that makes the tattoo app rate third on my list is the fact that you are only allowed to use sixteen of the tattoo designs for free once you download but for more amazing feature, you will have to purchase the app.

These are my top and the best fake iPhone tattoo apps for this season and you cannot ever regret any attempt to download these three best apps.


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