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The Best Framatic Apps for iPhone


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In the world of smartphones and selfies, instant pictures have become the norm. There are so many memories captured at different times that the sheer number can be overwhelming. However, you can always combine these pictures in a beautiful frame to create a perfect collection of memories. Whereas this would have been difficult to do a short time back, nowadays you can just use your phone to make pretty collages and great pictures in an instant. Here we describe some of the best framatic apps for iPhone that you can use to combine and beautify all those memorable pics, in a jiffy!

Best Framatic Apps for iPhone


This app comes with over 310 filter styles and more than 135 magazine layouts that you can use to edit your pictures with. You can combine 16 pics at any one time and can also add text, clip arts, different stickers and much more. Plus, you can also include a number of different frames with different thickness and style according to your preference. The app is, truly, a great way to professionally edit your photos on your iPhone.

Pic Stitch

The app does what it says. Stitch up your pics with more than 200 different frames to enhance the beauty of your captured memories. You can also adjust your pictures in up to 15 different aspect ratios, to create the perfect frame that fits your needs. On top of it all, you can also share your prized memories with your friends on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and a number of other social networking sites.


If you want an app to do all the work for you, get fuzel. The app allows you to choose all the pictures that you want to fit in the frame and then chooses which ones will fit where on its own. This helps you to create extraordinary masterpieces without any effort on your part. Plus, you can also add a number of enhancements and decorations to personalize your memories even more!

Framatic pro

Combining your photos into a beautiful frame has never been easier than with framatic pro. This app has more than 39 different borders and up to 36 layouts that you can choose to our liking. Furthermore, you can also choose from 40 different patterns and 1000000 colors to make your pictures truly unique. With framatic, you can frame your memories in an exceptional manner and share them with your friends also.

With these apps by your side, creating beautiful memories is a matter of seconds. You can use a number of personalization options to your advantage and make your pictures unique. Whether it’s a birthday or some old memories that you want to share, all these apps can surely help you create a nice throwback that you can share with your loved ones. Who doesn’t want to take a trip down memory lane? With these apps, you can do so with style.

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