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The Best Hair Styler Apps for Men on iPhone


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Best Hair Styler Apps for Men on iPhone

Men, like women, are always on the lookout for different styles and to look perfect. There are always numerous different ways to alter and enhance your appearance, but not every style suits everyone. People are reluctant to try out new looks for fear of ruining their appearance. However, there are numerous out there, that can help you choose the style that suits you best. From haircuts to hair color to even facial hair styles, these apps help you figure out the best look for you. Here are 5 best hair style apps for men that they can easily download on their iPhones.

List of Best Hair Styler Apps for Men on iPhone

Hairstyle makeover premium

The app is one of the best hairstyle apps on the market. It has numerous options that you can use to select the best styles that would look good on you. Besides haircuts, the app also allows you to choose between different colors and different hair textures. You can also alter your facial hair styles to see what suits best. You can even remove your existing facial hair to try that look out. The app is really a true style app for you to enjoy at your leisure. You don’t need to be worried about what style to choose at the salon. Simply try out the different styles on the app to get the best look that suits you best!

Instyle hairstyle try-on

This free app for iOS is a complete gallery of a huge collection of different hairstyles. It serves to match your face structure up with different celebrities and suggests the trendiest hairstyles afloat nowadays. Furthermore, it also gives you other alternatives that you can choose and also categorizes hairstyles according to occasions such as a wedding or formal. The app is a great way to find new inspirations for a different look wherever you go.

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Celebrity hair style salon

This app allows you to adjust different kinds of hair on your head. Whether it is curly or straight hair, you can easily add and alter the different lengths according to our preference. The great thing about it is its ability to make it look extremely real. The locks, adjust to the picture and give you a very close to reality experience. You can even alter the color of the hair to your preference.

New Do

This app is different from all the other ones as it gives you a very different experience. The app  turns your pic into a 3D model. It then incorporates any style that you choose according to your liking. This gives you a realistic view of what your hair style will look like. This can be of great help to visualize how your specific haircut will look like from all angles.


This app is the ultimate hair and face makeover app that you can use to your advantage. You can try on different celebrity hairstyles that Are adapted to fit you best. You also choose from a number of different hair colors. The many hairstyles come with the ability to change other aspects of your appearance like creases, blemishes, the color of your eyes, facial hair and so much more. If you are looking for an all in one hairstyle app, this is the one for you!

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Styling yourself is a great task in itself. You can’t predict what the next cut or color change will do to your personality. However, these apps are a great way of estimating them with ease. After all, who wouldn’t want to see how they would look like in a different hairstyle? Well, gentlemen, now you can!

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