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Best iPad Apps for Fashion Designers and School Students


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Fashion designing is an art and requires constant effort, the presence of mind and many resources. There is no end to the many different aspects of arts that you can delve in. Yes, it can be quite stressful and does require a lot of effort. However, to help these students and designers out, developers have designed a number of useful apps.

   Best iPad Apps for Fashion Designers and School Students

The apps for iPad are designed to encompass a variety of information, gadgets, useful tools and a lot more. However, there are a ton of these apps on the market, which makes it difficult to choose the best ones for you. To make the choice easier for you, here are 5 best apps for fashion designers and students that will surely make their life much easier.

List of Best iPad Apps for Fashion Designers and School Students

Fotopedia heritage

Looking for inspiration? Well, it may be not possible for you to actually visit the noted places, but Fotopedia is the next best thing that you can. The app provides high definition photos of the famous places around the world with their detailing and craftsmanship. You can easily go through the entire library looking for inspiration whenever you want. With Fotopedia, the whole world is in your hands.

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Art authority

Art has always played a major role in fashion designing. May it be students or professionals, you do have to look for inspiration whenever you can. Art authority can be the source of this inspiration. It has an extensive array of art collection, organized neatly into groups for easy access. The great thing about this app is that you can zoom in to view the very minute details of every piece which is the second-best thing that you can have to actually holding it in your hands.

Design library

If you are looking for help regarding textiles, this is a great app to choose. It has a whole array of textiles from all around the world. You can browse extraordinary designs and look at some of the most amazing textile work from around the world with a few taps on your iPad screen. Definitely a must-have for all the fashion designers and students out there.

Sketchbook pro

We all know how fashion designers tend to have a notepad handy at all times. Well, now you can simply draw on your iPad. The sketchbook pro provides you with a variety of styles, brushes, and effects to help you create a masterpiece. It has a neat user interface that makes drawing easy as well as a customizable color palette that you dabble into your heart’s content.


Fashion designers should have abundant knowledge about Pantone colors. Basically, Pantone colors are responsible for all the color trends around the world. The app allows you to eyedrop colors from the pictures of your choice, and find the Pantone color that resembles it. The app also generates whole color families to help create ideas for what should go with this color. A great and useful app, no doubt.

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Fashion designing is not easy, but you can definitely get a lot of help from all these apps. They provide good data on what’s going on in the world, history, fashion, and trends. So, whether you need an inspiration or just want to keep yourself updated, these fashion apps are some of the best apps to have on your iPad. They will help you out for sure!

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