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Choosing the Right Casino App for Your iPhone in 2019


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Wondering how to pick the right casino app for your iPhone? Check out our comprehensive guide on how to choose the best app for you.

Are you feeling lucky? Online casino apps can bring you all the thrills of the casino from the comfort of your home. You don’t even have to dress up. However, you do need to pick the right casino app for the job. We’re here to help by letting you know what providers do to offer the best services on the market and how to determine if an app is worth your time. 

Safety First: Secure and Responsible Venues are Better

Security means many things, but what it boils down to is your safety. Before you even begin to consider an app, you need to research the site itself to protect yourself against fraud, identity theft, and data robbing. How can you determine if a site is safe?

One of the most important things to look for is the casino license. Every site should display their license prominently, and it should be from a recognizable legislative body. The U.K. Gambling Commission gives some guidelines on how to verify licensing and offers a register of legitimate sites. In addition to licensing, you should always make sure the site you go for offers proper security when sending your data. 


It’s imperative that casino providers encrypt your data using an SSL certificate — the web address for secure sites begins with “https.” 

Responsible Gaming

Responsible gaming is a lawful requirement set forth not only by the U.K. Gaming Commission but also by regulators and legislative bodies around the world. Providers must employ certain tools and protocols to comply with the law. 

  • Protection of Minors – Sites should be sophisticated so as not to attract minors and have integrated age verification software like CyberPatrol and Net Nanny to ensure minors don’t have access to the site. Good sites will have channels that adults can use to report minors using a site. 
  • Option to Set Self Limits – A responsible site, and its app, will make it easy for players to set their own limits on the amount of money they can deposit and play with for a specific period. With the limits set, the site system shouldn’t let players deposit more than this amount until they request a change.
  • Option to Take a Break – A responsible site will have easily accessible and intuitive controls, which allow players to take a break from their hobby for a specified period. This time may range from one day to a few months, and during this period, the player will not have any access to the account. 
  • Option to Self-Exclude – Once players decide they have a compulsion with a certain game, they should be able to exclude themselves from it. If they want to shut down their account entirely, then casinos should make it easy for them. Integrating self-exclusion software like GAMSTOP helps ensure that players cannot reach any online gaming venues at all when they decide to self-exclude from any one site.
  • Staff Training – Good websites will train their staff to recognize a compulsion and help with it. Some even offer tests that players can take to help determine if they do have a problem, and good casinos will have live support agents to help with any problem gambling questions that may arise. 

It’s important to choose a provider that utilizes these tools to operate with integrity, promoting the well-being of their customers and adhering to the law. A good example of such a fully compliant and secure operator would be 888 mobile casino, which is able to run perfectly on both iPhone and Android devices. Choosing an app like this ensures you stay safe and gives you peace of mind when it comes to online gaming, no matter which platform you play on.

Gaming Selection and Options 

Besides being responsible, an app needs to have a myriad of options available. If you want to play casino games on your iPhone, then you’ll want to be able to explore the gambit of slots and table games to discover which ones you prefer. For instance, do you enjoy the thrill of skill-based games? The right casino will have games of skill like blackjack, along with newer, cutting-edge games and live games. 

Curious about live games? This exciting way to play features live streaming from dedicated studios that bring you your favorite games in real time!

An excellent app must provide classic and modern games that truly engage you, and cutting-edge sites have hopped on the gamification train. This new trend transforms a regular slot into a game of skill made for those who love the action of video games and the thrill of slots. Good apps continue to develop with the times and support these types of innovations on their platforms. 

Aesthetics and Quality of the App

You want an online casino app suited to you on a personal level, which runs smoothly and looks great. Some people prefer a more subtle design layout while others want to have preferred bright lights and flashy colors like a brick-and-mortar casino. You have options, so pick according to your preferences. 

You’ll want to be sure your app looks good and feels good, so choose one that works for you on a personal level

You also want your app to work well. Choose a native iPhone app because these apps are specifically for the software in the Apple iOS and written in the same language. Using an app with software designed for iOS is your best bet as an iPhone owner because these apps run much better on the iPhone than the web-based apps you can access from your browser. A native app will be more stable, run more quickly and be far less likely to crash — which is crucial for several reasons. 

Firstly, crashing could cost you money. If you place real-money bets and the app crashes, then you could lose out on those bets forever. And if you’re playing with a sluggish app and do manage to push through on a win, it could take a lot of time to get that money in your hand. One of the best things about native apps is their speed. You’ll have your money as soon as possible without having to worry about errors, glitches, and crashes.

Larger online venues are better at getting apps done right because they have the resources needed to delve into development and programming. You’ll know if your casino app is up to par when you play. Does it run sluggish or does it fly through games without a hitch? Are the live games and video slots gritty and unfocused, crashing at the slightest provocation with large data files? That isn’t normal or acceptable — graphics and video should run smoothly in high definition. 

Good Casinos Provide Promotions, Bonuses and Rewards

Your online casino app should have your best interests at heart, offering promotions, rewards, and bonuses like match-deposit and no-deposit welcome bonuses. These are offers available to first-time users to draw the crowd and can include free spins and cash. Make sure to check out how big the welcome bonuses are but don’t let that be the only determining factor as you take your pick. 

Promotions for loyal customers are also important. A casino should not forget about you once you’ve made an initial deposit. It should have daily, weekly and monthly promotions that you can get in on after you’re no longer a new player as well as a rewards program. These types of programs reward players who play regularly by giving them chances at free spins or bonus cash.

Keep a happy wallet by taking advantage of the bonuses, rewards, and promotions that many online casinos offer to new and loyal customers.

The Personal Touch Matters More Than Ever

Personal marketing is more important than ever, and that goes double for online casinos. A good one will advertise their games, but a great one will deliver personalized suggestions and extras right to you. 

That entails drawing on your user data and inferring which kinds of games you like, then offering you simple and unobtrusive recommendations based on your previous likes and dislikes. For instance, if you only play table games, then you don’t want a casino that keeps giving you pop-ups and offers for slots games. 

However, if you only play blackjack, and your online casino of choice offers up blackjack variants, then it’s a good thing because it’s helpful. It means your casino can use your history and profile to customize your experience in the best way possible. 

Now that you know what to look for in an online casino app, you’re ready to start the search. When you play at the right online casino with a streamlined and native app, the world of gambling is pretty much your iPhone oyster. Go ahead and crack it open to get at the pearl inside.

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