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Cloud Data Certification Exam to Build Career as Database Administrator


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Pass Microsoft MCSA 70-473 Cloud Data Certification Exam to Build Career as Database Administrator


About the Microsoft MCSA 70-473 Exam
Microsoft 70-473 Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions is a Microsoft Azure exam for IT Professionals specifically Database Administrators where the ability to design and carry out public or hybrid on-premises and cloud solutions, as well as the ability to monitor and manage implementations, are validated.

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Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that developers use to build and deploy applications managed through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers.

Reasons to Pass Microsoft 70-473 Exam

First of all, being a Microsoft certified developer or IT Professional shows your efficiency in Microsoft products. This global recognition sets you apart from other professionals especially that there has been an influx of IT Professionals specifically Database Administrators. Passing Microsoft MCSA 70-473 exam proves that you are skilled in working with Microsoft databases including designing, implementing, monitoring and managing them.

A certification also proves that you are up-to-date and are conforming to the latest technology, software, and best practices.

Microsoft MCSA 70-473 Exam Inclusions and Coverage

The exam package includes an exam voucher, a chance to retake the exam if you would need it and an official Microsoft Practice Test. It would cost around $165.

As with the exam coverage, here is a high-level overview of topics that are covered in the exam as enlisted in the official Microsoft 70-473 webpage:

  • Design and implement database solutions for Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure SQL Database (20-25%)
  • Design and Implement Security (25-30%)
  • Design for high availability, disaster recovery, and scalability (25-30%)
  • Monitor and manage database implementations in Azure (25-30%)

Preparing for Microsoft MCSA 70-473 Exam

  • Make sure that this technical field is aligned with your interests and that you have sufficient hand-on experience on the topic.
  • Keep yourself updated in the latest trends and software. Using a software version that is more than two years old might not secure you the certification. Remember, IT is all about innovation. Every three to six months, software is being updated with new functionalities and features.
  • Do some research about the exam and about other database administrators’ experience on taking Microsoft 70-473 exam.
  • Review and practice at least a month before you take the exam. It costs $165 and you do not want to waste that amount.
  • Keep a clear mind and be confident. If you did all of the above, then there is no need to worry.

Passing Microsoft 70-473 Exam

is a specific niche, it is necessary to be familiar and have sufficient experience working with various databases and Azure SQL. Aside from these, reviewing for the exam would be highly beneficial. What’s good though is the availability of online resources, training courses, practice exams and dumps at reasonable prices. You can be more than ready to ace Microsoft 70-473 certification exam.

Download Free Practice Tests: www.prepaway.biz

Review Options for Microsoft 70-473 Exam

Before you scramble through various online resources, make sure to check out Microsoft’s very own materials. In their page dedicated for70-473 exam, you can find a list of preparation resources. Below you’ll find the list.

Online training:

  • Provisioning Databases in Azure and SQL Server
  • Securing Data in Azure and SQL Server
  • Recovering Data in Azure and SQL Server
  • Managing SQL Server Operations

Online training sessions are targeted to those who do not have the entire day to work on training materials either because they have a 9-5 job or are always on the go. This still gives them the chance to prepare for the exam.

Instructor-led training or classroom training courses:

  • 55247: Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions

This type of training has been tested over time and still remains to be the best way to learn. Attending instructor-led training courses allows you ask questions or address dilemmas directly to an expert. To know more about instructor-led training, click here:

Exam preparation video:

  • Certification Exam Overview: 70-473: Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions

Practice test

  • Microsoft Official Practice Test for Exam 473

Doing practice test is another efficient way to review for an exam. You get to familiarize yourself with the procedure of the exam, as well as get a grasp on what type of questions might come out.

Microsoft’s practice tests are available in various languages including Spanish, Chinese, French, German and more. Please make sure to also regularly check their website for updates.

Various Online Resources for Microsoft MCSA 70-70-473 Exam Preparation

As already mentioned, there are many available resources to study and prepare for   Microsoft 70-473 certification exam. The risky part is to know which ones are good, easy to follow and won’t harm your machine especially when downloading exam simulations that open exam dumps.


Exam dumps are helpful because the content are actual exam questions with answers that are shared by recent exam takers. In a way, this is helpful for your preparation because you have a real idea of what could be asked at the exam.

PrepAway claims to have a 100% valid exam dump while PrepAway offers a premium bundle. To give you a rough idea how much these practice exams and dumps cost, they start around $48 and usually includes 47 to 95 questions with according answers. Still there are free exam dump available on the internet, for example, ExamSnap website contains a wide variety of .VCE files that can be opened with the help of VCE Exam Simulator. So, one gets an insight of what is going to be at the real exam and save one’s time during the preparation.

Other helpful resources

You can enroll in online video course from ExamSnap, which is available completely free. 107 lectures will provide you with the most recent information about 70-473 exam.

Visit Here: www.examsnap.com

In this course with 8 hours 22-minutes worth of on-demand videos you:

  • Learn how to design and implement data solutions in Microsoft Azure
  • Can guarantee passing the exam in one take
  • Be on your way towards becoming Microsoft MCP Certified
  • Stay up-to-date on the platform

If you prefer knowledge-sharing or you are a community-oriented IT Professional, head over to the Q&A platform Quora and get first hand answers straight from your peer’s experiences.

To summarize, taking Microsoft 70-473 Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions exam will help you showcase your skills in a specific technical niche and at the same time could help you land a career of your dream in IT.

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