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Essay writing: Effective tips that will help you write a great essay


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Writing an essay or a paper can be a very stressful task for some, depending on what is at stake. For instance, you could be writing an essay to explain why you are deserving of a certain scholarship, or why you deserve an acceptance letter from a university or more. The readers of these essays have certain criteria through which the evaluate essays but you can write an effective one by going through some simple steps.

  1. Deciding on your topic

Depending on what you have to write about, you will have to narrow down a topic about which your entire essay will be. The narrower your focus, the better it will be because then you can be as specific as possible. For instance, when people write essays for scholarship purposes, we usually advise them to focus on their achievements, which conveys to the readers that you are an ideal candidate for that position.

  1. Constructing an outline

Now that you have your topic ready, the next step is to essentially write down your ideas and thoughts in an organized fashion. It will be a difficult process if you simply start writing away because all your ideas will be all over the place. Having them drafted in an outline will serve as a guide to you in each step of the essay. In this step, you have to make sure that you have all the ideas that you want to convey to the reader to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything important.

  1. Writing the thesis statement

For this step, you should have your main ideas ready in the outline, and you should be aware as to how your essay is going to be structured. Before you begin to write, you should know what your thesis statement is going to be. The thesis statement is essentially a two to the three-line statement that conveys to the reader about what is included in the whole essay in a very concise fashion. If you don’t know how thesis statements should be written you should seek help from paperhelp review to get an idea about them.

  1. Writing the body

The body is going to take up a huge chunk of your essay, and you want to be as detailed as possible with it. Here you will be giving reasoning and explaining what your argument is depending on the topic of the essay. If it is an argumentative essay, you want to begin each argument that you have written down. Also, try to support each argument with examples if you can because it adds depth to the essay.

  1. Writing the conclusion

The conclusion of the essay is where you have to wrap up the entire thing neatly and coherently. You can touch upon each of the ideas briefly and then conclude with your own opinions and how you feel about the topic.

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