Uncategorized Essential iPhone apps users should install right now

Essential iPhone apps users should install right now


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Phone users state that 2008 was the most important year in the history of smartphones. Some may find surprising this statement because there are people who consider 1992 the most important one, the year when IBM launched the first smartphone in history. Others consider 2007 the most important time in the history of smartphones when Apple released the first-generation iPhone. Why do many people consider 2008 the key time point? It is the moment when Apple introduced the AppStore and it offered people new opportunities. As a phone user, you know the important role apps have in your experience. iPhone phones are great as they come out of the box, but the apps they feature expand their capabilities in numerous ways.

Smartphone users would not be able to make the most of their devices if they would not have access to apps, no matter if we are talking about third party apps or Apple programs. Different users have different preferences when it comes to apps, but all of them should know that some programs are essential if they want to have an enhanced experience when using their iPhone. Most of the users install some messaging apps, social media platforms, and maybe some music apps, but they have no idea what programs are life-changing. While we do not suggest that one app is better than the other is but it is important to state that some apps are really essential. Here is a list of vital apps all iPhone users should install.

Every day, hundreds or even thousands of new apps are published on the AppStore. Some of them are games, others are social networks, and many others are e-commerce apps. Why do people need so many apps? Well, every one of them is designed to solve a problem a user is dealing with. If someone needs a certain app, a software company in California will check their idea, and will develop according to their requests.


Cybersecurity is essential nowadays and 1Password is the password manager that helps users to protect their data. This app requires the user to introduce the password and it does the rest, it will change it, and make it stronger to prevent hacking.

Why using this app?

  • The app has a single role to put the passwords in their place
  • It fills the accounts’ details for the user
  • It generates strong and unique passwords
  • The passwords are easy to remember
  • It helps the user stay organized because it stores complete details on the credit cards, bank accounts, logins, passports, and even driver’s licenses
  • A Master Password only the person knows protects the data introduced by the user.
  • The data is never decrypted offline because the app uses end-to-end encryption
  • The user is the only one who has access to the passwords because the encryption is found only on the device they use


Due is an essential app for busy people because it remembers then the things they need. It is impossible for the user to forget something because the app keeps reminding them of the thing until they act on it.

Why using it?

  • It has an auto-snooze feature that notifies the user on the action they have to complete until they reschedule it or they mark it as done.
  • The user can decide the intervals of the alarms from 1 minute to 60 minutes
  • It is easy to set due dates and postpone reminders, the app comes with 12 present but customizable times
  • It is precise to the second, it can be used in the kitchen, to remember dates, and to schedule meetings
  • It includes both daily reminders and long-time reminders, like the ones that are set for every day of the month
  • The user does not have to register to use the app, it does not store data, and it does not require internet access


The ones who once used Spotify will never change it for any other app. It is an easy way to access music and podcasts on mobile devices. The user can listen to free music, no matter the artist, genre or album. They create playlists, share their favorite tracks and build music collections.

Why using this app?

  • The app offers recommendations according to the personal interests of the user
  • It lists original songs the user cannot find on any other internet source
  • It has a version compatible with the Apple Watch that offers the user access to their favorite music from their wrist
  • It is free to use on mobile devices
  • It comes with premium features for the users who install the Spotify Premium version

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Phone scammers, spam texts, telemarketers, and robocalls are some of the most annoying things a phone user can deal with. The best way to protect themselves from this type of annoying situation is to install an app that blocks all of them. Nomorobo protects people from harmful and annoying phones. The user can try a trial version of the software for a limited period, and if they consider it useful, they can continue to use it, by paying a monthly subscription.

Why using it?

  • It offers real time protection from phone scammers, telemarketers and robocallers
  • It constantly upgrades the list of robocallers, to make sure that it identifies them in time to protect the user from being bothered
  • It recognizes the important robocallers like the ones from the work and school and it allows them to get through
  • It does not access the call logs of the user
  • It protects the user from phishing attempts and text spam
  • It blocks “neighbor spoof calls”, there are millions of phone numbers similar to the one of the user but the app will stop them all

When it comes to the “neighbor spoof calls”, another app is also useful if the user experiences this situation repeatedly. No Neighbor is a call block app that sends the scam calls directly to the voicemail, and the phone of the user never rings. The user can allow the calls that come from their contact list, but the app will block the other ones that come from the same prefix as the phone number of the user. This app works only with the phone numbers from Canada and Us, therefore only part of the iPhone users can benefit from it.

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