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Everything about iphone backup location


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In few seconds you will come to know everything about iphone backup location right here in this article! Having an iphone in your hand is an amazing feeling. Isn’t it? Although it comes with a simple and most attractive user interface but there are some technical aspects also which should be known earlier so that you have a good experience with it.

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ITunes basically backs up the data present on your phone in a special image file. This file can be restored later to fetch your belongings. The platforms may be different like MAC, Windows etc, but the process is more or less the same in all. It directly stores on the system drive.

Everything about iphone backup location

Iphone Backup location in MAC

In this platform the backup files are stored in the following manner:

/Users/Username/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup.

In order to customize the settings you can set your name in place of the default given “Username”. Now to backup your file, go to your home directory and then to Library. Navigate to Application Support and then MobileSync. Click “Backup” and you are done!

Iphone Backup location in Windows

In this platform the backup files are stored in the following manner:

In Windows XP

/Documents and Settings/Username/Application Data/Apple Computer/MobileSync/Backup

In Windows Vista or Windows 7

/Users/USERNAME/AppData/Roaming/Apple Computer/Mobilesync/Backup

Do not forget to change Username with your name.

What is the need to transfer backup folder to a different location?

As discussed above, iTunes backs up on the system drive. This process can take all the system space and resources that can result in slower system performance. At the end of the day you will find your C drive to be “red”, giving the sign that the memory is full. Itunes does not permit to set earlier, that the backup files are stored in a desirable location and not system drive. So you have to transfer the files from this drive to another time to time.

Changing itunes backup folder location


  1. Locate %APPDATA%/Apple Computer/MobileSync in the search box.
  2. A folder named “Backup” will be displayed.
  3. Move the folder to a different location on some other drive rather than the system drive itself. Copy every content and then delete that from the system drive.
  4. Press SHIFT+Right click to open the command window.
  5. Type

mklink/J”%APPDATA%/Apple Computer/Mobile Sync/Backup “Your location:/Backup”.

Where mklink refers to the windows shell command for adding a symbolic link. Also “/J” is the special kind of symbolic link which is called as directory junction.

  1. Command prompt after computing some of the files will return to the last result as success. And a shortcut of a folder named Backup will be created in the original location.
  2. This shortcut will take you to the “Backup” folder where we have just moved it. Yes, from system drive you can navigate to another say E or D Drive. And that too in just one click!


Windows XP

  1. Go to the official page of Microsoft and download one application from there. The name of that is “Junction”.
  2. Now from that application a file named “junction.exe” is to be downloaded on to the desktop.
  3. Now locate C:/Documents and settings/Your User Name/Application Data/Apple Computer/MobileSync.
  4. It will take you to the itunes backup folder.
  5. Simply by drag and drop, move the backup folder to a different location on some other external drive.
  6. Open command prompt. In order to do that, hold windows logo key+ R key from keypad. “Run” window will appeared, type “cmd” and hit ok.
  7. Command prompt will be opened. Type cd desktop.
  8. Now type

Junction “C:/Documents and Settings/USERNAME/Application data/Apple Computer/MobileSync/Backup” “Your ne desired drive:/Backup

It will create an NTSF junction point.

  1. A shortcut folder of backup will be created that will take you to the actual backup files stored in another drive from the system drive.
  2. One thing to note is that the both of the hard drives must be in NTFS format and not in FAT32. In case they are not the same, the link will not work.



  1. Locate

In-s/Volumes/<Your preferred drive>/MobileSync/Backup~/Library/Application/Support/MobileSync/backup in the terminal.

  1. Close terminal.
  2. Make sure that you have moved the old folder of backup to some other location and then delete it from there.
  3. Here you go!



To cut down the complexity of the backup file transfers, a number of smart applications have been built by many. They offer you to change the location of the backup folder to your preferred location without much fuss. Simply download the app, choose backup styles whether full or some selected files. Choose the location and done! But yes before downloading any app do check about it, Read their reviews and the incognito terms that are associated with privacy of your content. Research on Google and Know everything about phone backup location and other stuffs related to it.

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