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Farm Town Game


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Farm Town game is one of the best farming games for Android users. The game is all about farming techniques where a player has to grow crops and produce goods for selling them in the marketplace to earn profits. The game will give you the best experience of farming. So, if you guys are searching for any information about this game then this article is the best for you.

In this article, you will get every necessary information and details about the game. You will get everything that you should know if you want to install the latest Farm Town Game on your Android Device. Therefore, go through the article and read it carefully.

Farm Town Game

Farm Town is one of the best farming games. It will take you to the world of farming where you can experience the complete farming environment. And learn new farming skills and techniques. You can earn profits by selling goods produced on your farm.

In the game, you can grow different crops and fruit trees, Harvest them and then sell them to the market place. You can also buy animals for you like Cows for milk Hens for eggs, and other animals also. You can grow your farm in every possible way like by constructing the buildings and upgrading them.

The profit that you will earn by selling your goods, can be used to upgrade the farm to increase productivity. You can take part to contest where you can get rewards. In simple words, the game is all about producing, selling, earning and upgrading. So, just install the game and show your farming skills.

New Updated Features

  • The town is redecorated and it becomes more attractive.
  • The two new characters are introduced namely Peter and Margaret and Peter.
  • New option to get free gifts like tools. You can help the circus performers in order to get free gifts.
  • To work in the mine, you can build helipad to get loads of tools.
  • You can now trade and also can order the items that you needed. To order items, you need money which you can get from Farm Town Mod Apk.

Game Features

  1. Plant crops and fruit trees in your garden and fields.
  2. You can build farm buildings and even you can upgrade them.
  3. The game also allows you to sell your products from your roadside shop with your neighbor and friends.
  4. You will enjoy the complete farming experience where you can trade all of your products like crops, fruits, dairy products, and jewelry too.
  5. Here, you also get the option to decorate your farm. You can add flower items, different furniture items, decors and many things to make your farm look attractive.
  6. You can even build your own town where you can welcome new visitors.
  7. Get the complete experience of farming with the game and have fun.

App Permissions

The Farm Town App will have access to the different features of your device. Have a look at the list of permissions given below that the App will ask you to allow.

  1. Photos / Files / Media
  • The app can read the contents of the USB storage of your device.
  • It can also modify and even delete the contents of the USB storage of your device.
  1. Network
  • It can view the connected WiFi Connections.
  1. Storage
  • The app can read the contents of the USB storage of your device.
  • It can also modify and even delete the contents of the USB storage of your device.
  1. Additional
  • The app can receive data from the Internet.
  • It can also prevent your device from Sleeping.
  • The app can also access the Vibration feature.
  • It can also view all Network Connections.
  • The app will get full access on Network.


1. How Do I play Farm Town on Facebook?

Playing Parm Town on Facebook is very easy. All you need is an easy and best tutorial.

  • Firstly, open Chrome Browser. And then Log in to Facebook.
  • Then go to the Search bar. And search for Farm Town.
  • After that Click or Tap on the Allow button from there.
  • Now Enter the name for your player. After that choose your gender and then click on the Tick button to confirm.
  • Now customize your character. And then click on the Tick button to confirm.
  • You are all done. Now you can play the game.

2. What is Farm Town on Facebook?

Farm Town on Facebook is a farming game that will help users to experience farming virtually. Players can plant crops, harvest them, and they can even sell them also. As you will sell your production, you will earn a profit. And later on, you can spend that profit to upgrade your farm and increase its productivity.

3. What is FarmTown?

FarmTown Game is one of the best Farming games for Android. Players can experience the way of farming by planting crops, harvesting them, and selling them in the market. However, this is just a game but it will give a realistic experience of farming. There are a lot of amazing concepts added in the game for players.

Final Verdict

With this, we are in the ending section of the article. I hope you will get the information that you were looking for. And you will like the shared information. If you liked the article then share it your friends also. And tell them about this amazing farming game. They will surely love it.

Additionally, if you still have some queries or doubts about the game then you can share it with us in the Comment Section. We are always here to help you out. At last, thank you for visiting this website and being with us. Keep visiting here to get more updates.

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