• One major and ancient trick to resolve this problem is to uninstall the application and reinstall it again but don’t forget to get your account back up. In most of the cases, this trick works well and resolves your problem.

  • Snapchat‘Problem Connecting To The Server’ or ‘Login Failed’ :

    This error usually occurs when we try to login into our account. If you also face an error message such that ‘login temporarily fail’ or ‘verifying device’ then here is how you can fix it:

    1. CLEAR SNAPCHAT CACHE : You can clear your Snapchat cache memory and can then restart the app further to enjoy your experience. To clear your cache follow these easy steps:
    • Go to your phone Settings
    • Tap on apps and select Snapchat from the list there.
    • Force Stop the application and clear the cache.
    • Now go back to the main app and restart from there.

    2. CHECK WHETHER IF YOUR APP IS ASKING FOR ANY UPDATE: Generally such apps are updated after some time you need to keep your app updated to the latest version of the app to enjoy further because sometimes the older version lacks to some updates that lead to such errors.

    3)CLEAR GOOGLE PLAY SERVICES CACHE: If you still face this problem try clearing Google Play Services cache this can be done by following these steps:

    • Go to Settings and move to the apps sectionSelect Google Play Services from the all apps list
    • Clear the cache memory
    • Reboot your phone
    • Restart Snapchat.

    These are some general ways that help you to resolve errors but if you continue to face such problems and errors then you can write your problem to SNAPCHAT SUPPORT for further help.