FMWhatsApp vs. GBWhatsApp – Different Features and New Changes


In today’s date, the mode of communication has improved much because of which we can connect with our family, friend, cousins easily. Now, the classic phone conversation has changed to modern communications which means that we can connect with people’s through a conference with the instant chatting apps.

We can also see the face of people from the different corner of the world and one of the most popular apps among this is WhatsApp. As we all know that WhatsApp is the famous application among billions of user all over the world for doing chatting, voice calls and video calls at cheap rate with the help of the Internet. There is no doubt that it has billions of users and the popularity of WhatsApp is increasing day by day.

Everything has some bugs or limited features, like that WhatsApp too has limited feature. WhatsApp still needs to add some advanced features but it will take time to come officially. But, you don’t need to wait because there are some WhatsApp Mods available those are FMWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp. Let’s discuss them.

FMWhatsApp VS GBWhatsApp

It was found that GBWhatsApp has many advanced features in it and has a classical look because of which most of the people like this app. But, FMWhatsApp comes with more practical things and secure because of this it has great features in it.

There are also similarities between these apps and there are some differences too. So, let’s discuss both of them for getting the concept clear which one is best.


  • Both apps have the feature of writing maximum characters on status up to 250.
  • You can choose many different types of emoji’s from it of your choice.
  • They both allow their users to run two WhatsApp at the same time.
  • They allow users to send a file of up to minimum 50 MB and videos of up to 1 GB which is too much and they send it without losing quality.
  •  You can look at any specific chat with a password.
  • These both apps are not available on Play Store you have to download it from any third-party sites because Mod apps can’t handle by Play Store.


  • fmwhatsapp download is progressively adaptable to customization. It accompanies a subject store and clients can download the same number of as they need, so clients have a lot of alternatives to browse;
  • GBWhatsApp looks progressively like the first visiting application, while FMWhatsApp is entirely unexpected;
  • FMWhatsApp enables clients to stay undetectable, while GBwhatsApp doesn’t accompany this component.

Final Words

So, if you are thinking about FMWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp which one is best for you. If you are confused between the features of these Mod apps then we have listed the similarities and difference of both the apps which will help you to make the right decision So, I hope this article is helpful and informative too for you Guys. If you have any doubt then comment below we will try to help you as soon as possible.