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Gaming on the go – the hottest mobile gaming trends


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Gaming on mobile devices is on the rise

In case you hadn’t noticed, mobile gaming is on the rise. In fact, it’s such a popular niche right now that even seasoned gamers are starting to spend more time on their mobile devices than they do on their desktops, and that’s saying something. From games to train your brain, to games for when you’re bored, it’s seems that game developers have covered pretty much every angle in gaming. But what are the latest trends that we should look out for in this ever-growing niche?

The move from console to mobile

As we just mentioned, mobile gaming is slowly but surely taking over the entire gaming industry. With the latest tech now at their disposal, game developers are now able to create console-quality games that can be played on a mobile device. Now, lovers of the Sony PSP or the Nintendo DS will know that this has been possible for quite some time, but the reality is that it is only in the last few years that smartphone makers have moved with the times and brought high-end graphics and processing power to their customers.

This means that over the coming months and years we’ll see more and more high-end game releases played on mobile devices. It’s even a distinct possibility that some developers may shift their marketing focus to mobile releases as opposed to the console versions. Who’d have thought it?

Poker is going mobile

It’s no secret that online poker has been growing at an incredible rate in the last decade. What was once considered a hobby game for amateur players is now something of a training ground for elite pros. This change of attitude towards online tournaments and qualifying satellites has changed the game considerably, leading to that incredible market growth we just mentioned.

But, this boom is also thanks to the increasing number of mobile apps available on the market from the big hitters in the business. Heavyweights, such as PokerStars, have led the way with intuitive mobile apps designed to make playing on the go a breeze. This, coupled with the global success of poker tours and live events, has improved the reputation of the game and even made some of the leading brands household names. So if you’re planning to play online poker in the next year, the chances are it will be on your smartphone.

More augmented reality

The game that started it all!


We all saw the quite astounding success of Pokemon Go. Some tech journalists even went so far as to claim that it’s the most important game of all-time. We’re not sure about that, but what we are sure of is the fact that Pokemon Go set a ball rolling that is set to continue rolling well into 2019 and beyond. Augmented reality (AR) has shaken the gaming community to its core, and there’s more to come.

AR has made its way out of the gaming community and into the everyday lives of the average person. People can now decorate their homes, learn more about historical places, and keep fit through AR. There’s no doubt; it’s improving lives every day. However, in mobile gaming, we expect to see AR used to its fullest potential; making gamers happy. The new Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is set to once again change the gaming landscape, and we can only imagine that it will be just as, if not more, successful than Pokemon Go. Although when it comes out is anyone’s guess, we fully expect a lot of mobile games to piggyback off the inevitable success of this AR title from Niantic.

So, whether you’re a fan of AR or an on-the-go poker player, the future of mobile gaming looks very bright indeed. With so much investment going into the development of games specifically designed for mobile, there has never been a more exciting time for lovers of smartphone games. We fully expect this shift from consoles and desktops to mobile devices to continue over the next year, and while consoles will never die, there’s a strong chance they will soon find themselves playing second fiddle to iPhones and iPads as the gamer’s device of choice.


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Shashank Jain
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