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Goodbye, Windows! 8 Key Benefits of Switching to Mac from PC


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Few battles are more heated than the Mac vs. PC debate. Some love PCs for their customization and software capabilities, while others love Macs for their speed and sleekness. There’s a lot more that comes with switching to a Mac than just a pretty machine, though.

If you’re thinking of switching to Mac from PC, you’re about to make a very good call. Here’s why.

1. Straightforward & Fast

While you can get PCs that are fast and easy to use, it’s hard to match the straightforwardness of a Mac.

Right from the get-go, everything is set up and ready to go on your Mac. You won’t experience any slow-down or lag between launching apps. You can multi-task like a king with even the lower-end Macbook offerings.

This means a lot less ctrl-alt-deleting to close out crashed apps. If you do need to use the task manager, though, learn how to control-alt-delete on mac here.

Mac’s iOS is laid out so conveniently anyone can learn how to use it in a matter of minutes. What’s more, Macs come with tons of great applications pe-installed, from iTunes to Safari to Facetime and more. You can get hours of entertainment and productivity straight out of the box with a Mac.

Plus, the startup time on Macs is unbeatable. You’ll be ready to use your Mac seconds after booting it up, as opposed to often slow PC startup times.

2. The Most Portable (and Connected) Computer

Apple offers the most portable laptop experience, from the physical design to the Cloud capabilities.

The newest Macbooks and Macbook Airs are some of the thinnest, lightest computers on the market. You can easily slip one of these into a backpack or bag and hardly notice the difference. 

What’s more, the Apple ecosystem works seamlessly across devices. If you have a Macbook and an iPad, you can easily access information across devices using the Cloud. This is something many PC users struggle with.

3. A One-Stop Solution

Shopping for a PC can be a real hassle. There are so many companies offering different processors, graphics cards — you name it. Even for people with a decent understanding of computers, this can be a headache.

With Macs, you’ve got one company with just a few options. You don’t have to worry about getting the wrong insides, or upgrading parts. When you buy a Mac, you know you’re getting a product that’s fast, sturdy, and reliable every time.

4. A More Secure Machine

One of the biggest reasons people choose Macs is their unparalleled security features.

Macs come with great built-in antivirus software. While they can still succumb to viruses and attacks, you’re much less likely to get viruses using a Mac. Plus, there are a lot of great antivirus programs you can install on Mac to give yourself that extra layer of safety.

5. Sturdy & Sleek

Macs are made with the highest build standards in the market. When you buy a Mac, you’re buying something that’s built to last.

Don’t let their thinness fool you. Macs are made with the highest-quality components and optimized for peak performance. From the keyboard to the screen to the casing, you’re going to be very happy with the quality of your Mac.

And if you do have a problem with your Mac, you know exactly where to take it. The Apple Store is great at dealing with issues, be it technical or physical.

6. Incredible Screens

If you’ve never used a Mac, it’s easy to argue that their screens are no better than a PC’s. If you have used a Mac though, well… that gets harder to argue.

Macs use “Retina” screens in combination with True Tone technology to give you perfect clarity. With a Mac, you get an amazing range of colors that simply can’t be matched. You get the deepest blacks, the whitest whites, and the most vibrant images around.

Whether you use your laptop for design, or just for watching movies, you’re going to notice the difference when you make the switch from PC. You’ll wonder how you ever watched anything on your PC screen in the first place!

7. Lots of Shortcuts & Tricks

Ease-of-use is at the top of Apple’s list when they make Macbooks. If you need proof of this, just look at all the helpful gestures available with a Mac!

Macs have tons of easy-to-learn swipe gestures built right into the OS. You can switch between apps, flip images, and even look up word definitions with just a few simple swipes or taps. This takes a ton of busy work out of the equation and gives you a faster experience overall.

If you’re a student or worker who has dozens of tabs open at once, Mac makes it easy to flip between these.

8. Great Battery Life

Macbooks offer some of the best battery life among high-end computers.

A typical MacBook Pro will give you between 10 and 13 hours of battery life out of the box. That’s much better than the typical PC, especially when you go high-end. Windows OS simply runs on a lot more processing power, meaning faster battery drain.

This is a real gamechanger for students, workers, and travelers. You don’t need to worry about your battery dying in the middle of the day. Even better, you don’t need to carry an extra battery on you when you travel!

Switching to Mac: The Right Choice

Let the points above serve as your confirmation that switching to Mac is the right call. By switching to Mac, you’ll get your hands on a faster, sturdier, and more reliable computer. It’s almost impossible to regret making the move to Mac.

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