Uncategorized How to Hide or Disable ‘blue ticks’ on WhatsApp

How to Hide or Disable ‘blue ticks’ on WhatsApp


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How to Hide or Disable ‘blue ticks’ on WhatsApp

The most trusted and rated instant messaging app “whatsApp”, always brings something exuberant for its user. Every update brings out something new which is not even expected and this time whatsapp brings for you the Blue ticks. Many of people are searching ”
whatsapp messages showing gray clock ” quite different from others searches

Blue ticks in Whatsapp???

How to Hide or Disable ‘blue ticks’ on WhatsApp

Amazed to see this new blue ticks on your whatsapp . But what actually this Blue Ticks mean??? Here is the answer. This is actually a new whatsaap feature called “Read Receipts”. This blue ticks indicate that their chatting partner read the text send to them. In short your message was seen at other side.

Different tick marks in whatsapp mean??

Previously, a clock indicate that message has not been sent, the single grey color tick shows that the message was sent successfully from your device and double grey color ticks shows that message has been successfully received at the recipient side. But still it does not guarantee whether the message was read by the recipient or not. But now you cant escape any more with this blue ticks. This blue ticks actually shows that the message send has seen by the recipient.

This blue tick was surely a great feature but it could also be dreading for some. This step could also be unfavorable for its user and can make its user to search for another option.

How to hide blue ticks in whatsapp??

So a big question amongst all, how to escape from this blue ticks???

As expected from whatsapp, blue ticks are now made optional (no more compulsory). As earlier also , to encourage its customer, whatsapp brings an option of hiding last seen. Similarly now also , the new version of whatsapp comes in built with the option of disabling or hiding this blue ticks.

The beta version of whatsapp is all you want to hide your blue ticks. You have to just disable the read receipts t option available on your whatsapp. Go to your settings option available in your whatsapp. Their you will find privacy, tap on privacy and disable Read Receipts.

Once you disabled your Read Receipts , no more blue ticks will be shown when you read a message, but just as you hide your last seen from others , you cant see others last seen; similarly with this blue ticks also. Once you disabled yours, you cant see others blue tick also. I think it’s a fair enough.

Note:- Only the latest version of whatsapp 2.11.44 comes with an option of disabling read receipts. But this version is not available on google play, so you have to go to the official website of whatsapp to download this latest version.

Since the whatsapp version 2.11.44 is not available in google play, we have tried to find some other alternatives to hide this blue ticks.

You can simply put your smart phones on airplane mode and then can check the messages . After this you can again move to general mode. This way the whatsapp will not send back the read receipt i.e blue ticks. But this does not works with all devices and specially not for iphone because when again you switched on your 3g or 4g network whatsapp get synchronized and send the blue ticks to the sender.

We have still more better options for you. You can use a “Whatsapp Widget”. Add it on your home screen from widget manager . Now whenever you receive a new message you can easily check it and that too even without worrying about blue ticks. But be careful that you should not click a message, else whatsapp will be opened. To avoid this you can use lock so even if you accidentally tap on a message then it will direct you to the lock and not to the whatsapp.

The best amongst the all is snowball beta. Snow ball beta is the best option to hide or disable blue ticks. This app will collect all your messages from all other apps including whatsapp and even does not consider the message as read.!!

Now you can feel relax and take a sigh of relief about being answerable to everyone .


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