Errors & problems How to Check Online iPhone Repair Status Worldwide

How to Check Online iPhone Repair Status Worldwide


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It’s a common happening. Phones break or something happens with their software which makes it impossible to use them. How many times have you been to the apple store trying to get your phone fixed? Plus, a lot of times, they keep your beloved phone to send it back to the factory for repairs. Waiting for its return can be extremely painful. Visiting the apple store to find out whether it returned is common at these times. So, what if we told you that you can track your iPhone yourself so that you know the status of your phone every step of the way? Yes, you can do that now. Using the online repair status, you can easily track your phone and get information on when it will be returned. It’s pretty helpful really! Wherever you are in the world you can get the information on your phone by following the following steps.

            How to Check Online iPhone Repair Status Worldwide

However, first you need to have two important things to be able to check the online status of your iPhone. One of these is the repair id or the Case ID. This is the code of your phone, or the name by which it will be identified in the system. The other thing that you need is the postal code or the serial number of your Apple device. Many people will ask where to find the repair id. Well, when you take your device to the apple store, the authorized personnel will register your phone and give it an ID. That specific id is actually the repair id of your device.

Coming to the apple product serial number, many people get confused when it comes to finding it. This is usually written on the package box that your phone came in. You can easily get the number from there. Now, moving on to actually checking the status, here we explain the entire process step by step to make things extremely easy for you.

Process to Check Online iPhone Repair Status

Step 1

Open the website source where you will be asked for the specific details by opening this link on your browser.

Step 2

Input the repair ID taking care of the case of the letters in the correct field.

Step 3

Then type in your postal number of the serial number of your apple device in the next space.

Step 4

To find the status, simply press the ‘submit’ button and you are done.

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This will take you to another page that will show you the status of your phone. Hence, checking the progress of your apple device repair isn’t that difficult. You can easily do it sitting at home, instead of visiting the apple outlet again and again. We hope that you can benefit from the steps given above. Don’t be stressed about your Apple device. Instead, track its progress and visit the outlet only when you know that your device is ready to be collected. We think this is a really effective and time-saving way to keep yourself updated about your device, don’t you?

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