Tricks n Tips How to Download Torrent file in Iphone

How to Download Torrent file in Iphone


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How to Download Torrent file in Iphone

Getting online content is always an extraordinary way to boost the capabilities of your phone and it can also help you spend your time more efficiently. You can sometimes find such content on torrent files, but while this is illegal in many regions and countries, people are still using this type of sites. With that in mind, here you have a short tutorial to help you understand how to download torrents on your iPhone!

Visit the torrent site

First, you need to visit the torrent site and then you have to select the desired torrent. Once you are on the page of that particular torrent, you need to press the Download Torrent or Get This Torrent button. Remember that you only need the link from here and not anything else.

Head to Zbigz

After you get the torrent link or magnet link you will have to open up a new tab. In this new tab you will need to type and then you have to press Enter.

Paste the link

Once you are on the site you will have the ability to enter a link right in the middle of the site. All you have to do is to paste the link that you copied a little earlier and then you need to press the Go button.

Wait for the download to complete

Once you do so, you will see that the file will start to download. You will have to wait for a little bit until the process will be completed, in the meantime you can do something else. You can click on the file to open it once the download has completed.

Other methods

While the Zbigz method is the simplest one out there, if you do want to access a dedicated torrent client you will need to search a little bit. If you have a jailbroken device you can try to install iTransmission, which you can get at

Another method involves downloading and using the app named ProPopulo from which is quite useful because it helps you acquire an interface to download and manage torrents on your device. This type of apps gets removed from the app store with ease though.

Unfortunately, these are the only truly working solutions and while using the ProPopulo and iTransmission apps can be quite risky because they tend to get banned often, the Zbigz method is easily the best. It’s very simple to understand and you will have no problem using it as many times as you want. If you download large torrents often it’s a very good idea to opt for their Premium service, as it can really deliver an incredible value. If you just need to get a few small files then you will be just fine with the free version.

Don’t hesitate and use these tips to download the desired torrent file on your iPhone. All you have to do is to follow the instructions and you will have no problem acquiring access to the torrent content from your phone!

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