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How to Download Torrent File on Iphone & Ipad without Jailbreak


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List of torrent downloader Apps for iPhone

Torrents have become the most expedient way of sharing files of large size. Contrary to the misconception torrent technology is not illegal to use. The people who just assume all the torrents illegal miss out some of the most amazing stuff available for them. For the apple users using this technology get a bit difficult even if they want to because Apple does not allow any torrent client in their app store. It doesn’t mean that iOS users cannot download the torrents on their iPhone or iPad. There are certain methods available which can allow you to do so. You may be thinking that it would need to jailbreak your device, but there are other ways which do not need jail breaking we would be discussing them one by one. By using one of these you can get any small or large file for your iPhone or iPad without getting it jailbreaked.

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Best 3 Ways to Download Toreent file Without Jailbreaking

  1. iDownloader:

iDownloader is sort of an all in one manager for your device. You can easily download it from the App Store and it will be using your safari browser as the torrent client. Once you have downloaded it, visit a torrent downloading site from its browser and search for the torrent file you want to download. Long tap the link of desired file and click on the copy option from pop-up menu. Now go to and paste it in the URL field. Zbigz will create the final client link, tapping on, which will save the file in iDownloader.

  1. iTransmission:

You can also use this method by using a small trick. Change the date of your device to 2012 and then install the iTransmission app. Now set the date on your device back to original. Now you have to visit your desired torrent browser and copy the magnetic link of the required file. Paste this link into the iTransmission app and it will download the required file onto your iPhone or iPad.

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  1. Blue Downloader:

Blue Downloader which is a bit torrent app can also help you out to get the torrent files on your iDevice. This is an easy to use and affirmed application, but there are certain drawbacks. The biggest drawback of this application is its not being free; you have to buy it to use it. Apart from this only the approved torrent sites can be acceded to affirm the infringement of third party rights. If you want to be very much secure and legal, then this can be of your use.

Using torrents you can get so much amazing stuff without bothering about the file size to download. You should not let it go only because of the apple policies when there are many legal ways to do this very legal thing.

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