If you find them damaged on the iPhone 5S motherboard, then your cell phone is beyond repair. Fixing or repairing anything on the motherboard would need the assistance of a professional experienced and knowledgeable person and so you are advised to stay away from nudging it.

After the last check is done, replace the old screen and restart make sure that the connections are finely and firmly put it. The screws should be in the correct position, and you should not over tighten, as this might be the reason for the blue screen.

Power up the device and see if you can pass through the iPhone 5S boot loop. If the boot loop continues, then there is an issue with the replacement screen. If the blue screen is continuously flashing, then it is not the screen that is having a problem. Show go ahead and swap the old screen with a new screen out again and after replacing recheck it. If you are sure that the connections have been firmly put into the ports and the ports are not damaged and screws and not misplaced, then this might be a software issue.
If the original Screen is damaged and is not displaying a thing, you can still use it to test the blue screen problem. Take a screen that has no display, connect everything and replace with the original screen and power back your iPhone. Wait for few minutes and then press the lock button. If you hear the sound of the lock, then your phone has completely booted up.

Some people also say that the blue screen might be a cause of the damaged battery. If you have not messed up with the iPhone battery, then this should not be the case. If you have replaced the battery or if you have misplaced the battery, then solder the battery, and then plug the phone into the charger. Check if the apple logo or the iphone screen turns blue or not to determine whether it’s the battery’s fault or not.

Another major issue can be that of the screen replacement; you might have damaged the camera cable that directly connects the camera to the main screen. For this solution, detach the camera and start your device without it.

Software Issue
If you have replaced the screen and still the steps mentioned above have not worked, then you might be dealing with a software issue at this point. You might have jailbroken your iPhone that is something that can happen to the operating system. So to restore your iPhone 5S completely, follow the steps given below:

  • Simultaneously, press the home and the lock button so to shut down your iPhone 5S.
  • Then power on your iPhone.
  • When you see the Apple 3D logo coming, press the volume up button until the booting menu appears. This might involve some tries, but you have to keep on pressing the volume button for few minutes.

The flashing of the blue screen on your iPhone 5S is a pretty uncommon phenomenon and usually arises due to the problems mentioned above. The iPhone 5S may get stuck, and then the blue screen appears. So before the screen replacement, you are advised to visit the customer care or take the help of a professional.

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