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How to fix iPhone black screen via iSkysoft Toolbool – Repair (iOS)


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Apple’s iPhone is one of the most potent Smartphones in the world. But just like any other phone, iPhone users are prone to running into issues.

It is normal to find your phone failing in one way or another. One of the most common problems is system crushing.

Unfortunately, we have seen situations where iOS system recovery costing the user their data. It is one of the most embarrassing moments for most users.

Luckily, it does not have to be that way anymore. With iSkysoft Toolbox – Repair (iOS), you can fix any issue on your iPhone without risking data loss. Amazing, right? Continue reading to discover more.

How does the iSkysoft Toolbox work?

Using iSkysoft Toolbox to repair your iPhone is the best practice. It will fix most of the most common software related problems for your iPhone.

This Toolbox is useful for issues like stuck in Recovery Mode or DFU, white screen black screen, continuous shutting and restarting, among many other problems.

Install the Repair, and it will lead you through the process of restoring your system to normal. It only takes simple clicks and instructions, and it will be as of you lost nothing.

The best part is, the function will update your iOS device to the latest version. On top of getting your issue fixed, you will also have a new iOS in place. If you were using jailbroken, it would become non-jail broken. If you were on unlocked, your system with be re-locked.

All iPhone/iPad models support the technology. Any device that runs on the iOS system can be fixed using this tech.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to handle one problem –iPhone black screen. We will lead you through a step by step guide until you can comfortably fix the screen.

What is the iPhone black screen?

This is a common problem faced by many iPhone users. It happens most especially during iPhone firmware update. The phone just gets stuck on the black screen.

It may seem like a small issue that will go away eventually, but it is massive. The thing is you will not be able to do anything with your phone. If someone calls you, for instance, you will hear the ring, but you will not be able to answer.

It is also a problem that happens for those updating their iPhone to iOS 12.

There are many reasons why your iPhone screen may suddenly go black. Hardware failure is one of the leading causes. When the screen is repaired improperly, or if you drop your device or sometimes if water gets into the device, could cause a black screen.

If a firmware modification did not go as expected, or the system crashes, it could also result in this issue.

Fixing the black screen has never been easier. Why? Consider the following steps for repairing black screen with iSkysoft Toolbox-Repair iOS.

Step 1: Downloading Repair

You will use this repair tool once you have downloaded and installed on your computer. Upon download, you will be provided with several modules on the screen. Pick “Repair.”

As you may notice, you will have several things to consider before the device can become fully functional. For instance, it is vital to make sure you are downloading from the official site.

Remember, the speed for downloading and installing the software will depend on the strength of your internet connection. Also, make sure your computer has enough application space for the tool to function normally.

Step 2: Select the problem

After opening the software, you will not start fixing the issue immediately. You will first have to pick the specific problem.

The tool does not detect the problem automatically for you. Instead, it will bring up a popup window with a list of most common issues. If you want to check on all the situations, click the scroll bar vertically.

You should already know what the issue is with your iPhone, in this case, black screen. On the provided list choose the iPhone black screen and click. You will notice the background of the selected item turn turquoise.

Now you are ready to begin the process. Use the lightning to plug the device into the computer and click Start. You are now ready to move to step 3.

Step 3: DFU mode

The aim of activating the DFU mode is for your device to be connected successfully and detected. Good news, the tool will bring up all the info about your phone. Simply click on next, and the rest will follow.

Sometimes the device may not function normally. For instance, it may not be recognized, in which case the Toolbox will remind you to turn on the DFU mode. Here how you should do this:

–    Click on the start button

–    Press and hold the lower volume and the power button simultaneously.

–    Leave the power button while holding the volume key still

This works for iPhone 7/7 plus. For iPhone 8/8 plus/X, use the same procedure until the recovery mode screen appears. Only that you press and quickly release the volume up button followed by volume down key in the same manner. 

Other iPhone models, connect and click start, hold the Power and Home buttons together then release the power button.

Step 4: Download software

Now that the device is successfully connected, download the matching firmware package. You will be prompted to check some option before that.

The model of your iPhone will be shown on the lower side of the screen. You can also click the green link under Download to get some assistance.

Step 5: Fixing the black screen

You are ready to fix the problem after a successful download. Look at the checkbox near the bottom to confirm the native data you want to be retained after repairing.

Click Fix Now and your iPhone should work again after that. It does not get any easier.

The best part about using the iSkysoft Toolbox – Repair (iOS) is that it allows you to keep and or restore your data as you feel. If you have important contacts and other information stored on your phone, you don’t have to worry about losing it.

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