Uncategorized How to pick the best Rigid flex PCB manufacturer

How to pick the best Rigid flex PCB manufacturer


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In today’s technology rigid flex PCB is one of the small,lightweight electronic product and they offers many benefits in terms of reduced weight, durability, reliability and space. Initially the rigid flex PCB technology which was used only in military and aerospace industry in decades ago since it is time proven and it is one of the best technologies.

Rigid flex technology is recognized as the ideal solution for all contemporary small form factors and these are highly durable and lightweight electronic products and they are all used in medical devices, mobile wireless products extra.

Rigid flex PCB technology has been developed more and it has wide applications due to its remarkable advantages. Its structure is different such as its agile structure and with tiny volume; lightweight, with perfect quality and these are satisfied with requirements of contemporary electronic product. And an extra feature is it can extend to three dimensional spaces in order to improve the freedom of circuit design and its mechanical structural design is also excellent.

Thus its different advantages will not only reduce the workload of the assembly errors and hole machine but also it helps to improve the reliability and high stability of electronic equipment system as the whole.

Pretreatment process

During the production stage to prevent the lower yield which are caused by too many defects such as open and short circuit and also in order to reduce the scrap rate and to control the problems such as drilling, rolling and cutting this pretreatment process is done. The material of the rigid flex PCB is chosen according to the customer satisfaction and to meet customers’ requirements. In Ray PCB manufacturing this rigid flex PCB is available with excellent material and all these pretreatment processes is especially done in those industries. And this rigid flex PCB are designed in both side flex PCB and single side flex PCB methods.

How to choose the rigid flex PCB manufacturers

The rigid flex PCB manufacturers should be chosen, where they should excellently design the rigid flex PCB boards with certain benefits such as

  • Wiring solutions can be fit to the board
  • Thin lightweight products are very durable
  • It is excellent with the three dimensional packaging geometry.
  • It is completely shock and vibration resistance.
  • It is interconnected with low number of devices.

These are the main benefits and it produces an ideal solution for mobile consumer electronics. These are the flexibilities which are involved in rigid flex PCB designs and it is readily available in the modern device market.

While using in mobile devices this rigid circuitry it’s not too large, too heavy and it is too fragile and conveniently carried around. The size and weight is also very less and flexible to use, so this is one of the ideal solution for high temperature and high density applications.

Rigid flex PCB boards are made up of polyamide or a similar polymer so it has the capacity of maintaining in high temperature and in high density devices. So for these reason flexible circuit boards can be placed in inconvenient locations also since heat would impact the performance of the rigid circuit board. These boards are designed to withstand extreme temperatures like 200 degree centigrade and 400 degree centigrade that is it is very desirable for borehole measurements for oil and gas industry.

A Ray PCB manufacturer produces rigid flex PCB and combines in the best way of both rigid and flexible circuit boards which are integrated together into one circuit. Rigid flex PCB circuits which are integrated through plated holes and they provide higher component density with better quality control. Ray PCB manufacturers design with extra support and flexible around the corners and the areas are required with extra spaces. So Ray PCB supplier is very good for rigid flex PCB products. Rigid flex PCB applications provides increase the reliability and also the manufacturing of rigid flex circuit boards and assembly and its technology is excellent and it is one of the popular type of circuit boards since it is used in variety of industrial and commercial applications. Ray PCB manufactures manufacture flexible printed circuit boards as per customer need.

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