How to track of your laptop, Iphone and Ipad , whenever missing

The handy devices like laptop, iphone and tablet despite being  portable, are not so handy and could be a troublesome . At any movement you can find your laptop, iphone and tablets missing . May be your iphone falls from your pocket or you have left it somewhere unattended and realized it later. This is how you can lost your  most dearest “ phone ” .

This is not the case with phones only but you can also  lose your other valuables like  laptops and tablets too .  This devices are not only costly, but also contains huge data of personal importance like password, financial details, photos , contacts , files , etc ; and giving such an important data in an thief’s hand is not at all acceptable .

Now the question comes to your mind is what to do in case you laptop, phone and tablets gone missing / lost ?? You need not to worry we are here to take care of  your handy devices. Just you need to follow these simple steps  . Although this technique doesn’t guarantee that you will find your lost laptop , phone or tablet  , but at least it ensures that no trespasser can peek into your private and personal data , as well as , the possibility of getting the device will be increased manifold .


How to track of your laptop, Iphone and Ipad , whenever missing

So further not wasting any more time , I would like to let you know how actually you could track your laptop , phones or tablets , whenever missing and that too for free !!

“ Prey ” is all what you need . Prey is  a small , open source software which provides an anti-theft client for  laptop , phones and tablets . It can track your device like tablet , phone and laptop whenever missing ; and you can manage tracking device from a single place . The best thing about this software is that it is free  . Your devices are completely  secure after installing it on your device .

How to Use Prey for tracking  of your laptop , phone and tablets , whenever missing?

Steps to use this software are  : –

  1. Go to the official website of Prey software i.e  .  From their download the software for free .
  2. Install the prey software on your device .

Note  –  It is available for Apple  ,Android , windows and Linux/Unix platform .

  1. After installing , it will ask to create an account , this process will be done online .
  2. Now , if you lost or misplace your device ( Tablet / phone / laptop ) , just visit their official website  ( Mention in step  1 ) and Sign in into your account using the same user id and password which is used at the time creating the account in step 3 .
  3. After successful loging in you account , you can complain about lost / stolen device .
  4. After complaining about your lost / stolen device one of the following actions will be taken :
  1. Your device (  Laptop / Phone / Tablet ) will be locked immediately and no one will be allowed to access the phone unless a deactivation code is provided by them.
  2. The Device  will start alarming , so if it is misplaced , you can easily find it .
  3. After your device connects with  a wi-fi network, in few minutes, you could be able to see the exact location of the device and can also click the photos of the thieves .


Prey is the best software solution to locate or track your device like laptop , phone or  tablet  . But I personally  suggest to take care and be little more cautions while carrying these devices . Because I feel prevention is better than cure !!

This is all what we have on the topic  How to track of your laptop, phone and tablets , whenever missing . For any other query and doubts please please do comment on our blog. We are happy to help you ☺

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