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How to Install Xmodgames on Iphone


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How to install Xmodgames for Android as being a game geek of the iOS games as they are charm to play on the iPhone and it runs so much smoother on the iOS so that we play it often but somehow you and me sometimes get irritated when we need ammos to kill the enemy but we don’t have and lose the life’s.

How to Install Xmodgames on Iphone

Hence now we got the solution to this problem that is limited ammos and limited coins we get in the games and the limit are fixed by the game developers for the games so hence using Xmodgames we can install the mods for any of the games and get unlimited coins and play as much as we want and clear the level with ease and love playing with friends with the advantage of unlimited ammos and more life’s and more powerful features of the games.

App info

App Name Xmodgames
Type Mods for the games
Version 2.3.5
Operation System iOS
Size 16 MB
Developer Xmodgames team


Features of Xmodgames for iOS

Before going to the installation process, first of all, let us see the features of Xmodgames app for iOS

  • Some of the mods in this app for several games are really good that will give you an experience of the different level.
  • There is a Gaming Accelerator pre-installed in the Xmodgames hence by this you can enjoy your favorite games more smoothly and without any of the glitches.
  • The mods in the games are updated automatically so that you can get the best experience while playing the games.

Install Xmodgames.download on your iPhone

Note: The device you are using must be the jailbreak to use this app smoothly and easily.

As this method is easy to do and install Xmodgames app on your iPhone just jailbreak your iOS. As you jailbreak your iOS you can now easily and quickly install Xmodgames app on your iPhone without any issues or difficulties, Just follow the steps one by one:

  1. Visit the official website to know more or else Go to the Cydia app on your iPhone or iPad and open it.
  2. No sooner you open Cydia a screen comes with the Sources Options on your iOS.
  3. Now click on the edit option that is located on the next screen.
  4. As you tab on the add option that will come after you click on the edit option.
  5. No sooner you tab on the add button a small box type window pops up on your screen and it will ask you to ‘Enter Cydia/APT URL’.
  6. Now enter http://xmodgames.download/x.debon the place of the Cydia/APT URL.
  7. Now the download starts of the Xmodgames.
  8. And now install the Xmodgames app after the download completes.


Thank you friends for visiting our site and do trust on us on the process we have given to you as it is safe and you can use these steps and you can enjoy the app with the full enjoyment.

Do support us and share our post and make and help us to grow on the internet by making the post viral and it is useful too and we will come daily with new and latest posts and tricks and update you.




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