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iPhone 5s Tips and Tricks


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Your iPhone is full of surprises especially when it comes to 5s. iPhone 5s comes preloaded with ample number of feature for you. With so many features you surely don’t wanna miss anyone.That’s the reason why we have created a list of some useful tips and tricks of iPhone 5s for you.

The below jot down list of tips and tricks of iPhone 5s will help you to enhance the experience of using it and moreover you can enjoy the real pleasure of using iPhone 5s.

Iphone 5s tips and tricks

iPhone 5s Tips and Tricks
  • Add emojis (emotion icons) in messages :-

You can include a ton of emojis like smily, shapes, animals and many more into your messages . You can enable your emoji keyboard by going into Settings app. Followed by General and then keyboard. Then tap on new Keyboard and choose Emoji. Now when you type a text or message , just click on the globe button given at the bottom of your iPhone 5s and then select the emoji according to your mood ,from the pool of emoji’s available.

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  • Add photos and videos :-

While composing an email on your iPhone 5s you can add pictures and videos, for this you have to long press the message and then tap on “Select All”. Click on the arrow and then choose “Insert Photos or videos”. Now you are enable to select photos and videos from albums, Camera Roll or shared streams of your choice.

  • Spotlight Search :-

Spotlight search is the universal search bar which you spot at the bottom of your home screen. Spotlight search is a quick shortcut to search anything on your 5s . You even need not to type the full text, just few characters are enough to start the search for what exactly you are looking. You can search anything using spotlight search like apps, your calendar emails and much more. You can even filter out your search , for this go to Setting, then General, then select Spotlight Search and then adjust it according to your need.

  • Flashing Alerts :-

iPhone 5s comes only with sound alert. But sometimes you could be in a noisy place or may be your iPhone kept on silent mode, at this point of time you may require a flashing alert or notification. By doing little changes in your iPhone 5s you can enjoy Flash alerts on your phone. Go to Settings app , then General and then select accessibility. At last slide to enabled Led Flash.

  • Clicking pics more smooth :-

Clicking pictures and photos using iPhone 5s camera is a great fun. You can even smoothen and enhance the speed of clicking picture by using few tricks. You can use camers even without unlocking your iPhone 5s. you can tap on camera icon given at the bottom of the locked screen on your iPhone 5s.You can use volume up bottom instead of a shutter button.. For taking a series of shots , long press on the shutter button or you can use Volume up key of your iPhone 5s and the photos will be captured 10 per second. It can even select the best pic and the rest are clubbed together into a sub folder.

  • Customized font size :-

The iPhone 5s also provides with an option of customizing the size of font you use. You can adjust the size of font according to you preference. You can increase or decrease the size simply go to Setting , their go to General and the Accessibility. Then select the desired size of font.

  • DO Not Disturb :-

This one is mine favorite tip amongst all and I hope you will too gonna like this. Using Do not disturb , the sound will be silenced for incoming calls and messages. You can even create a list of contacts from which calls are allowed to be ring. You can enable Do not disturd either manually or you can also enable it by scheduling .

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That’s all with the tips and tricks for iPhone 5s. I hope you will surely going to use this tips and tricks to enhance your iPhone 5s experience.



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