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Iphone 6 elease date


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Iphone 6 release date

There is an event that many people wait excitedly more than their birthday and it is for none other the Event of Apple Inc. Everyone is eagerly waiting for Apple Inc. to launch its new iphone model i.e Iphone 6.
The wait is still on because no official announcement has been made yet by Apple Inc. But as per the sources the expected date of launch is September 9, 2014.

Its almost a year after the apple had launched its 2 new models iphone 5s and 5c . Last year , on second Tuesday of September, 2013 the apple launched its 2 new model iphone 5s and 5c and now again this year in September, 2014 people are eagerly waiting for the launch of new model. September seems to be very special for Apple.
The rumors about the launch of iphone 6 are making market really very hot. People are talking about it every now and then. And why not, after all its Iphone.

Iphone 6 release date

According to rumors Apple Inc. is going to release its Iphone 6 on 9 September,2014 in a big media event that is going to be conducted at San Fransisco and the new Iphone will be available in market by 19 September, 2014. And as usual this event is really going to be huge!
Another rumor about the launch says that this date could be postponed due to supply chain problem. The suppliers are struggling to get enough iphone 6 screens ready.
As par a website named MacRumors, the expected launch of iphone 6 could be around third week of September. This date seems to be a pretty late then the earlier dates stated.

According to some other unidentified sources the launch could delay up to October, 2014 due to some manufacturing and supply problem. But sources claim that Apple is gearing up to solve its problem as it has asked its employees not to take holidays in the month of September.

As per the sources and some leaks there are many differences between the older model and new Iphone 6. Now let see what makes iphone 6 different from the older models. Iphone 6 is expected to be really bigger, smarter and dashingly wonderful. Apple is expected to launch two mobiles this year. One with a screen size of 4.7 inches and another one with a screen of 5.5 inches, both bigger then old models. Little change in design is also expected. Both are assumed to be more lighter and thinner then the old ones. The screen of iphone 6 could be made up of Sapphire crystal which is virtual scratch free and almost difficult to destroy or indestructible. This is an attractive feature and will attract more people towards iphone 6.

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At last we can just hope for the wait to be over as early as possible and apple to make the release the soonest as possible. Let see what apple brings for us this September. Fingers crossed!
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