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iPhone SE: Reviews , Should I Buy an iPhone SE


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iPhone SE: Reviews , Should I Buy an iPhone SE

With the production of the iPhone SE, you might probably want to learn how to hold a smaller smartphone. You do hold the iPhone 6S with your two hands but you won’t want to do that with the iPhone SE because it will look like you are holding a baby phone. It just like phablet users going back in time to a 4 inch screen phone.

iPhone-SE:-Reviews ,-Should-I-Buy-an-iPhone-SE
                     iPhone SE: Reviews , Should I Buy an iPhone SE

The iPhone SE might not be a game changer in the market but it is definitely the best smallest smartphone you can ever buy.The iPhone SE of 4 inches is known to be the cheapest the company has ever produced with great qualities. Its an interesting release and one of the most powerful smartphone from the company.


The smartphone design is almost similar to iPhone 5S have similar boxy two-tone aluminum chassis, with a touch ID sensor in the home button with tweaked transitional edges. Its a comfortable pint design smartphone though with a small design. With a compact size, it makes it easy to be in your jean pocket and sits comfortably, The 4.7 inches smartphone makes it easy to hold when playing games on the smartphone. The phone is also lighter at 113g compared to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S.


If you love iPhone 6S, then you will love iPhone SE the more. With a 64-bit A9 processor, M9 motion coprocessor and 2GB of RAM makes it a powerful smartphone in the market today. Using the smartphone won’t cause freezing or overheating. Overall, iPhone SE is smooth and have interesting performance.


The iPhone SE is a 4 inches 630×1136 screen size display with 326ppi pixel density just as iPhone 6S. It might be a little bit of low quality compared to the Samsung Galaxy S7, but the screen is crisp, clear and bright. The iPhone SE colour has natural palette compared to the AMOLED technology in Samsung Galaxy S7.
The 4 inches screen might be small but the screen quality is topnotch. You might also be making typing errors when typing fast due to the screen size affecting the keyboard size also. The iPhone SE doesn’t have a pressures sensitive screen technology of 3D touch as it is in iPhone 6S which most people might miss but the idea that it is more cheaper is a big advantage.


With the security flaws in Apple’s software, there seems to be any flaws yet on the iPhone SE iOS 9.3 software which was released in late march. The latest release brought about new features like minor improvements and the night mode which takes display effect at night, there is also the Apple pay support feature which makes it possible to use the smartphone at over 400,000 contactless terminals across UK. Other features include live photos which you will find interesting.


iPhone SE is good for taking pictures indoors and outdoors with a 12MP rear camera with low light imaging and HDR features. You also look comfortable when holding the phone to take photos, but the negativity lies in selfie photo taking with 1.2MP front camera which is a downside.


With a 1,640mAh battery, the smartphone will last the whole day, which is a nice battery life on latest iPhone device. The storage capacity is of two type, there is the 16gb iPhone SE and 64gb iPhone SE, with the latter £80 more which at least worth it.

In conclusion, the iPhone SE is awesome with premium design, great performance, latest version of iOS, surprisingly good battery life, decent display market leading camera. The only negative side is the low quality in the front camera.

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