Walabot Reviews

You must have seen Superman using his laser vision to see through objects in the movies. It was pretty cool to watch in the films but now there is a product in town, that works similarly. Meet the Walabot, a pretty ominous name, but it offers great functionality. The device is one of a kind with …

How to Generate Repeat Business

You can spend thousands on generating new customers and gaining new traffic, but holding on to each of those customers to generate repeat business is equally, if not more, important. Repeat customers are clients who frequent the same seller and/or make repeat purchases creating a “halo effect”- a marketing term for when a consumer favors a …

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Shashank Jain AgraShashank jain (@Crazylearner) is a Blogger. Earlier was working as Ethical hacker. he is a wanderer who wants to satisfy his curiosity. His passion is blogging.

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