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Read and find out the most popular ads formats, which are used in 2019


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Advertising is an essential part of a promotion. The right choice of adverts might increase your profit and make your product or service more popular among the users. Let’s consider popular ads formats and the reasons for such popularity.

Popular ads

There are a lot of video advertising platforms such as Polus.media and others, which offer the basis for the cooperation of advertisers and publishers. They offer plenty of advantages. However, there is still a question concerning the choice of an ads format. There are lots of modern trends in marketing, which should not be avoided. Consider the most popular types of adverts, which are attractive for the users and effective in 2019:

  • Short videos. Video ads are one of the important niches in modern marketing. There is hardly any advertiser, who does not enjoy the advantages of this format. However, such popularity is connected with big competitiveness. That’s why shorter video materials became one of the trends of 2019. They are not annoying and are able to capture the attention of the users in a few seconds. People today are ready to watch a full video only if it is relevant for them and contains interesting or useful information. Thus, you need to tell a brand story (or something like this) within 15 seconds. Such a format presupposes an immediate emotional response, which usually makes people buy something or visit your site to know more about the brand. More brands are likely to take the advantages of such a format this year.
  • OTT. It is over the top adverts, which are created with the help of global providers of streaming media, such as Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, etc. If you try marketing with the help of such platforms, you can enjoy the following advantages:
  • Better targeting
  • Advanced analytics
  • The creation of more personalized adverts.

The completion rates for the videos offered by such platforms are very high in comparison with plain in-browser videos because users have an option to skip the video or install an ad blocker. 

  • Mobile adverts. Smartphones and other portable devices get more and more widespread nowadays. Many people use them as an alternative to PCs, which is why mobile advertising is an integral part of any marketing strategy. In accordance with the statistical data, smartphones accounted for over 50% of worldwide traffic. Thus, many websites, services, and other features owned by the brands are usually available from mobile devices. Another trend connected with mobile devices is vertical video (as many users shot videos in such a format). That’s why many brands also started creating vertical adverts using popular platforms, for example, Facebook, Instagram or SnapChat. As a result, you can get engaging content, which attracts the attention of the customers. Lots of brands today create interesting stories and add other materials on the basis of mobiles.
  • Cinemagraphs. It is a comparatively new form of adverts. It is created as a hybrid of video and photo content. A subtle motion is played in a seamless loop. The rest of the picture stays still. Such content creates a kind of illusion that you watch an animation. It is a wonderful method to capture the attention of the users. Such adverts are made with the help of high-end cameras and the application of advanced post-production tools, which allow creating a series of images/videos. Thus, you can also tell a story of your brand, which will be much more interesting than the images.
  • User-generated content. People like being involved in the process and feeling a part of the brand. When marketers apply user-generated content, they show that they see and hear their customers. Global brands often create campaigns based on such type of content. Another reason to use this content is that people usually trust the opinion of other regular people. Thus, if your customers share something connected with your brand, they might convince other people to buy from you too. Thus, you can build stronger relations with the customers on the basis of trust.
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Shashank Jain
Shashank Jain, founder of Iphone-s, a young and energetic entrepreneur has always been fond of technology. His liking for technology made him go for engineering in computers. During his studies, he learned & worked on different computer languages & OS including HBCD, Linux, etc. He also has a keen interest in ethical hacking.


  1. Great and interesting post but how do you know the median or popular ads are the ones which are converting? It s quite rare that popular = successful in actual ROI for a business.


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