Set the Remote to the Side: How to Watch TV on Your Phone


Experts anticipate that in 2019, people will spend more time on their phone than they do watching TV. 

With your phone being able to do so much more than it was capable of a few years ago, you can now watch TV on it using a bunch of different methods.

Tired of fighting for your turn with the remote? It might be time to change tactics. Make sure you check out this guide to learn how to watch TV on your phone.

Different Apps

Watching TV is always a great way to kill time. Whether you’re watching TV through a cable provider, with a high gain antenna, or through different streaming services, sometimes you may want to watch TV on the go. 

This is where your phone comes in handy. And one of the best ways to watch TV on your phone is through different apps.


Netflix is a very popular streaming service, and they have an app that you can download on your phone.  While you will need to pay monthly for their service, if you have access to the Internet or mobile data, you can watch anywhere, anytime.

Netflix even has the option to let you download some of their select TV shows and movies onto your phone so that you can watch them when you don’t have an Internet connection. This is perfect for long airplane flights or road trips.


You also need to pay for a Hulu, but the app is free.  Hulu is basically like Netflix, but they have a different selection of TV shows. 

Some people like having access to both so that they can stay on top of all of their favorite shows. 


If you are into sports and the NFL, you can download the NFL app. There is a service that you can pay for to have access to watch all of the games, but with the free app, you can stream one or two games. 

Amazon Prime

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, they also have Prime Video where you can find all kinds of different TV shows and movies. You can watch them right on your regular Amazon app. 

News Stations

Other news stations have apps that you can download and stream their news on. Most of the apps are free, and you can also watch them for free.

However, there will probably be tons of ads on their app because they do need to make money somehow. 

Your Internet/Cable Provider

If you have an internet or cable provider, many of them also offer apps that you can download on your phone.

Since you already pay for this service, sometimes you will be able to access TV shows and movies for free. It’s like watching cable TV but now you can watch TV anywhere. 

Watch TV On Your Phone Today

Learning how to watch TV on your phone could change your life. Now you can watch your favorite TV shows everywhere rather than being constrained to your living room.

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