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The Best Home Workout Apps


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It has become common knowledge that working out is not just for oversized people. It is for everyone to keep fit. Some people have their reasons for working out or do it for size reduction.

Others do it to stay in shape and achieve the desired look. With this in mind, you have to track your process to see which routine works best for you. prepared a list of the best apps for that.

The 5 Best Free Workout Apps

To have an effective workout, it has to be planned and targeted. That’s what these apps will do for you. Here are five apps that will help you do just that:


This app is basically for running, jogging, or cycling. It helps you to keep records and set goals. There is a built-in GPS that you can use to check your routes. For those who love to listen to music while exercising, the app syncs with apple music.

So you can blast away while on the go.  It is also useful for group workouts. If you have friends whom you are working out together with, you can share results and help each other be accountable. 


This app is lovely and very efficient in every sense of the word. It has several training videos that help with getting the right position during exercise.

There is also a routine log to mark days you visited and days you didn’t. It helps to keep you accountable. What makes this app unique is that you can ask questions from world-class fitness coaches and receive responses in a short time.


We all need a little motivation in life. Even in our routine training, especially if you do not have a fitness coach to urge you on.

This app not only helps with your preparation but also offers you the motivation you need. This app helps you with your desired route and sets goals for you, encouraging you all the while and creating a virtual image of task completion. If this doesn’t motivate, I don’t know what will.


The hardest steps are usually the first steps. This app is perfect for novices and beginners in the fitness world. It provides them with all the help, support, and advice they will need as they start the journey.

The app makes you get off your couch onto the road. You get to ease into new regimes without stress, and it takes you from a simple to an elaborate scheme. You also get guided by voice-overs from athletes like Michael Phelps and presenters like Jo Whiley. 


Do you want to go to the gym but are not chanced? Or you don’t have enough resources? The daily workout fitness trainer is what you need.

It helps you to carry out your exercises and keep fit even at the comfort of your homes. You get to choose which part of your body you want to focus on and get effective methods to get the job done. 

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