The Top Four Most Common Phone Issues


For most of us, our phones are a significant part of our lives and spend the majority of their time clutched in our hands. We use them to communicate with one another, to send calls, texts, emails, and Facetime. We play games and read books, check the weather and the football score, and share precious photographs with those closest to us.

Given our dependence on these devices, it can entirely throw our world out of sync when they malfunction. Unfortunately, technology is not infallible, and it is inevitable that at some point we will run into an issue with our precious phones. We have compiled a list of the most common problems which occur and their potential solutions to help fix your phone.

Poor Battery Life

Poor battery life can be one of the most annoying issues, particularly as batteries tend to die when we need them most. The most common problems reported are usually slow charging, failure to charge, or the battery draining too fast—sometimes even when you are not using the phone.

The easiest solution is to find out whether you have any particular battery-heavy apps. By going to settings and then ‘battery,’ you will be given a rundown of which apps are using the most battery. You can also select ‘battery saving mode,’ reduce the brightness, and turn off features such as location settings when not in use.

Phone Running Slowly

As your phone gets older, slow response time becomes increasingly common, but the issue can also occur in newer phones too. It is usually caused by installing unnecessary apps. These use up the RAM of your device, and save files to the phone, reducing storage space and slowing down the speed.

To help, make sure you only have apps which are absolutely essential. Regularly clean the cache data, or even download a diagnostic tool to check where the issues are. If all else fails, a factory reset will help restore your phone to a brand new state.

Lack Of Storage Space

The most common reason for running out of storage is filling it with photos and videos. One of the issues with modern smartphones is limited storage, and gone are the days when you can replace the memory card with a larger one.

Instead, make sure your phone is connected to an online storage space such as the Cloud. This service can automatically backup your photos and videos securely, meaning you do not need to store them on your phone. You can also delete the cache, uninstall unused apps, and even use a cache cleaner to determine where space is being lost.

Constant Crashes

There is nothing worse than being halfway through a game, important message or task, when the app freezes and stops working. The most common reason for this is a bug in the installed app, though it can also occur if your phone is close to running out of space.

To help rectify this, it is a good idea to avoid using too many apps at the same time. You can also follow the advice above to help free up space, and make sure you don’t have any unnecessary apps. Restarting your device can help, and in the worst-case scenario, you may be forced to complete a factory reset.

Hopefully, the above tips will have your phone back up and running in no time—and back to helping you do what needs to be done.