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Top 10 Best Apple Iphone 7 Plus Cases & Covers


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We round up the best iPhone 7 Plus covers and cases that you can buy to keep your shiny new Apple iPhone 7 Plus safe from dents and scratches.

On one hand, we love the bright, glossy design and certainly do not want to hide away those good looks under a layer of tough-looking polycarbonate. But on the other hand, we really can’t stand the thought of that beautiful 5.5-inch screen cracking apart as the phone slams down onto the pavement.

Top 10 Best Apple Iphone 7 Plus Cases & Covers

As luck would have it, there is a good range of iPhone 7 Plus covers and cases already on hand. From gel cases that do not disguise Apple’s slick design, to chunky Military-grade cases or covers that can tolerate all sorts of abuse, you’re bound to find something you like. Let us go through the top 10 best Apple iPhone 7 Plus cases and covers below in no particular order:

  1. The Mujjo Leather Wallet Case – One of the top ten best iPhone 7 Plus cases and covers is the Mujjo Leather Wallet Case. It is made of tanned leather with an angled pocket that’s appropriate enough to hold a business or credit card. The openings on the Mujjo Leather Wallet case grants easy access to all the features you may want to make use of on the phone such as the charging port or camera. It comes in different colors of gray, black or tan and although it’s comfortable enough to hold, it does not provide enough protection for the iPhone 7 Plus when mistakenly dropped.
  2. Distil Union Wally Wallet – This beautiful smartphone case was uniquely designed to hide away your cards and cash, yet allow for easy accessibility. The Distil Union Wally Wallet is composed of a high-quality leather with shock-absorbent bumper which does an excellent job of safeguarding your iPhone 7 Plus from unexpected damage when drop accidentally on a pavement or concrete floor. The inconspicuous pocket on the back of the leather wall holds up to two bills or four business or credit cards. A red tab keeps them anchored in place and as soon as you pull the tab, the cards slide out. The buttons on the Union wallet are completely covered, but the areas for the port, camera and switch are cut out. The Distil Union Wally Wallet comes in brown, black, red or gray.
  3. Grovemade Walnut & Leather Wallet Case – This awesome leather case is crafted from Portland using natural materials. It combines a wood frame made from walnut with full grain leather cover which is designed to wrap around the screen of the smartphone. The button openings respond quickly to touch and the leather case also sport openings for the camera, port and switch. The leather case is capable of deflecting bumps or scrapes. When you open the leather case, you will discover a space inside that is large enough to hold some bills and cards. Since the case is made of wood and leather, there is tendency for it to age with time. The design also adds a bit of bulkiness to your iPhone 7 Plus, though it is not particularly intended to protect your smartphone when it drops on a concrete floor. However, it looks great on any phone.
  4. Tech21 Evo Elite Case – The Tech21 Evo Elite Case is capable of safeguarding your iPhone 7 Plus in case it falls accidentally on the pavement or concrete floor even from a height of six feet plus. The shock absorbent material which was ingrained in the frame makes the Evo Elite Case on the best from Tech21. Despite the impact absorption worked into the entire frame, the case is not unnecessarily bulky and offers a crystal clear alternative for you to show of your newly acquired mobile device. It fits the iPhone 7 Plus perfectly and the openings grant easy access to all the features you want to use as soon as possible.
  5. The Flexishield Gel Case – The Flexishield Gel Case offers a firm grip as well as necessary protection or those who are not overly concerned with showing off their new Apple device. The semitransparent case is one of the most pocket-friendly iPhone 7Plus cases in the market. The Flexishield case is made of soft gel material which allows for easy fitting and grip. The case sports thin button covers for power and volume as well as precise openings for the port, camera and switch. It does not offer rugged protection from impact and comes in black, blue, gold and pink colors.
  6. Nodus Shell Case – The Italian leather-made case from Nodus arrives in a shell style that is uniquely traditional, making it a bit different from other leather-made cases for the iPhone 7 Plus. The case is made to fit the smartphone entirely, with large openings at the top and the bottom of the phone for the camera and the switch. The button covers that mark the power and volume keys are subtly defined and the case, whose core is polycarbonate, can be used with the magnetic mounting system for docking.
  7. The Terrapin Slim Hard Case – This polycarbonate case is one of the cheapest, but durable smartphone covers on the market that fits the iPhone 7 Plus. Cases from Terrapin do not come with any conspicuous detail, but offers a good grip and comfort when held, thanks to the matte finish. There are cut-outs for the camera, ports and controls and fits snugly to your iPhone 7 Plus like they were made for each other, which in fact, they are. It offers limited protection and comes in black, purple and red colors.
  8. Moshi Overture Wallet Case – The Overture Case from Moshi provides excellent drop protection due to its protective shell which is combined with a fake leather exterior. There are four slots for cards or bills when you open the case with a microfiber pad which you can make use of to keep your iPhone 7Plus screen clean. There are generous cut-outs for the port, camera and switch as well as power buttons for the power and volume. The Moshi Overture Wallet Case has a metallic logo of the Moshi Company neatly stitched to the case and comes in black, cream or pink colors.
  9. OtterBox Strada Series Folio Case – This iPhone 7 Plus case offers a rugged drop protection for your smartphone any day, any time. The Strada Folio Case is made of premium leather combined with a durable polycarbonate shell. Some covers come with metallic latches and when you open them, you will find one slot for either a credit or ID card. The stylish case comes either in plain black or in two-tone green or brown.
  10. VRS Design High Pro Shield Case – This stylish iPhone 7 Plus case comes equipped with a metallic design and a kickstand that allows you to prop your smartphone in landscape view. The core of the shell, which aims to absorb shock, is flexible and comes with a tougher plastic frame on which is the kickstand. This robust plastic frame comes on top of the flexible, shock-absorbent shell and held magnetically in place. The button covers on the Shield case are positioned perfectly as well as the generous cut-outs for the port, camera and switch. It evens sports and opening on the back, just enough to reveal the Apple logo on the back your iPhone 7 Plus. The color of the inner layer is black, but you can make use of the frame which comes in several colors like blue, black, gold, rose gold or silver.
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