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Top 10 Tips For Young Journalists


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Are you a young journalist? Do you aspire to have your own weekly column? Being a journalist requires a lot of passion and devotion. It is not similar to having a regular desk job because you don’t necessarily have to stick to the office hours. Nevertheless, it is one of the most fulfilling career choices especially if you wish to leave an impact on the planet.

A lot of college students think about pursuing a career in the field of journalism because they feel it allows them to lead liberating lifestyle. With a lot of confusion in the world, a successful journalist is able to find and reveal the truth. Here are some of the best tips that can help you to embark on your life journey.


  • Give it Time

Just like any other job, a journalist would start from small steps and then take on progressive career development. You will have to deal with a lot of rejections. To gain more experience, you can start practicing by taking parts in local events. Try to post original content on your blog or social media account. Listen to feedback and improve your writing. Your next shot might be waiting for the right time to happen.

  • Take Notes

A successful journalist pays attention to the details that other people might overlook. If you wish to achieve success as someone who works in the field of journalism, you will have to learn to take notes. You can buy a digital recorder to help you remember events and details that you can later use to create your news article or story. A voice recorder is more practical than writing down notes especially during an event. You won’t be relying on your phone memory either. Buying a good recorder is a smart investment.

  • Try Freelancing

Freelancing is a great option to make some money and get your writing polished. Of course, your dream is to have your own weekly column, but until you make it true you can find a writers’ website. There are hundreds of available websites that are always looking for new contributors. Even if it is not a regular job, you can still learn a thing or two about how to improve your writing.

  • Be Professional

Although you are young, you should act professionally from day one. Remember that the first impressions last a long time. You can have your own business plan written and best coursework writing service. This will include wearing appropriate clothes, showing up on time, sticking to deadlines and improving your writing skills and style. This is like the action plan that will help you to achieve your long-term goals. You should act professionally yet friendly with your colleagues and boss. Be approachable and helpful. It is all about teamwork.


  • Do your Research

Before asking a question at a conference, you should do your homework. Never attend an event that you know nothing about as this can damage your reputation. You should always spend the time to read and learn information about the topic you will write about. If you are confused, ask questions. Since you will probably be writing posts and articles about a certain niche, you should try to get yourself educated about the topic. This will definitely make your boss more proud to have you on the team.


  • Always Be Prepared

You need to be ready to go after information wherever it is required. This means that you should dress appropriately and be prepared adequately. If you are covering an outdoor event in the cold weather, you should make sure that your clothes are heavy enough. Invest in comfortable yet appropriate footwear. Always pay attention to the dress code whenever you are heading to a venue. You should get a briefcase or a purse that can fit all your essentials in. These will include your laptop, phone, extra batteries, pens, a notebook and a voice recorder. Make sure that you are able to move comfortably and fast enough in case of an emergency.


  • Proofread

Of course, you want to write a flashy article, but you should make sure that it is as accurate as possible. It is extremely unacceptable to include a piece of information that has not been properly checked. You should also revise your article for grammar and spelling mistakes before submission. There will always be an editor to check your work before publication but you need to make sure that your piece is written professionally and accurately.


  • Take an Action

A good journalist will not wait for news to come to them by chance. Create your own chances and get moving. You should be able to present your own ideas and make suggestions. You can ask other journalists for collaborations that might help everybody involved. If you can, try to take your own photos to submit with your article. Make sure that you are on top of all the events that might be relevant to your writing.


  • Manage your Expenses

You will be traveling, buying equipment and shopping for professional outfits. Always try to manage your expenses in order to minimize costs. A lot of journalists struggle with finances because they either don’t get paid regularly or don’t get paid enough. You should keep an eye on online deals and make sure that you are only buying the necessary stuff.


  • Keep Reading

The best way to improve your writing is to read. You can learn a lot by reading the articles and stories written by the experts in your niche. You can also get inspiration that will help you to develop and improve your own writing style. Focus on your area of interest to make sure that you can build your image as an expert.

These amazing tips will help you to start your journey as a young journalist. It takes effort and dedication to reach your final destination.

Guest Author : Niranjan Kumar
Niranjan is the founder of Funda Marketing, a marketing strategy firm.
He has written for The many business and news websites. His latest is a revised, expanded,
and re-subtitled edition of his bestseller, Accidental Genius: Using Writing to Generate Your Best Ideas, Insight, and Content.Mark also creates magic tricks and shows. His work has been performed Off-Broadway, in Delhi, and on all the major television networks. Visit him and read his blog at fundamarketing.com

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