Apps Buisness App Top 5 Best Iphone Apps for Investors and Traders

Top 5 Best Iphone Apps for Investors and Traders


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Top 5 Best Iphone Apps for Investors and Traders

Because the fast paced nature of the stock exchange market requires quick decision making, and constant monitoring. Therefore it has become pertinent for traders and investors to be able to have access to tools and apps that enable them to conduct research while on the go, set-up watches, and alerts, and to become better investors who can trade with ease. Such things were inconceivable some years ago, but the recent proliferation of smartphones worldwide, along with the apps that come with them has made investing a lot easier for the average trader. This post examines top 5 best iPhone apps for investors and traders.

Top 5 Best Iphone Apps for Investors and Traders

The Bloomberg app is an intuitive, secure, easy-to-use, reliable app for keeping up to date with the stock market because it gives a wide-ranging access to market data, events, charts, quotes, alerts, global business and finance news, Eco calendars and portfolio tracking tools. It also allows you to send and receive e-mails while on the go, and exclusive access to Bloomberg Research from brokers and research firms. With your iPads and iPhones, you can log in anywhere and have access to real-time data, and personal files on your computer.

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If you are an investor or trader looking for a full stock market station with advanced options that enables you to analyze and research the market, then this app is tailor made for you. This app allows you to have access to price alerts of stocks and options, advanced real-time quotes, advanced chart with plenty of technical indicators, cloud syncing among several other functions. It is arguably one of the best pro-quality stock market apps you can find on Apple Store and costs $49.99.

Stock Pro is a fantastic, all-inclusive mobile stock app that possesses desirable features for investors and traders. Its benefit includes the ability to stream live quotes, portfolio monitoring, advanced full screen chart, pre-market/after quotes, economic news, real-time alerts, market signal scans, and events/earnings calendar. Furthermore, you can get real-time updates on global indexes and currencies, futures and commodities, news, events, and earnings among several others. This app cost $15.99 and is available on the Apple Store for your iOs devices.

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This app from Yahoo packs some useful functional tools that allow the investor or trader to personalize news stream and add stocks to their watch list to get real-time quotes. You can also monitor and track futures, stocks, currencies, and commodities, etc. via an intuitive, sleek, and easily navigable interface. You can sync your portfolios across your iOs devices, and it is free on Apple Store.

It is a CNBC app for iPhone and iPad that allows the investor and trader to access, track or monitor real-time market news and data on their devices. It gives them fast, accurate, market quotes, global market data, actionable data, and useful financial information that are vital for decision-making all through the day. This app is free on Apple Store and is worth giving a trial!

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