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UK Popular Gaming Apps


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Regardless, you are looking for puzzles, action, adventure, mystery strategy or arcade games, and you will find them free on most websites. Mobile phones are considered the future of online gaming. The affordability and availability of smartphones and tablets have contributed significantly to the increase in the production of game apps today. With iOS and Android devices leading the way, numerous software developers are building games apps to serve different player needs. A considerable percentage of the UK revenue is earned from free download apps based on adverts, subscription perk, and in-app microtransactions. However, these many mobile games are created with IAPs In-App Purchases which enable players to subscribe. As such mobile games are widely played during free office time, on road trips or while waiting for an appointment with the doctor. The following are some of the most popular gaming apps in the UK both for Android and IOS users.

Banner Saga App

Banner Saga is an exciting game that blends features from adventure style text decision making and the modern turn grid combat design. You are in charge of up to six fighters who are chosen from a bigger can of personnel which ebbs and flows in obedience to your orders and work. Banner Saga battles have similar gameplay to Final Fantasy Tactics and other games in that genre. Each turn will offer the ability to move a hero to some distance before you act. The action can range from a magic interaction, weapon attack or a melee. The combat on the outside is volatile as well. Everything you do is based on the decisions you make, and you will be charged for any slight error made. You will notice that the chat selections feed into the curves and twists of the storyline. The view of the world building is thrilling, inspired by the ancient Scandinavian mythology and Viking storytelling. The characters used in the game are unique and fun to watch. What’s even more exciting is that there is a sequel of  Banner Saga.

Florence App

This is a love story that is told in an argument way from the first time of interaction to the last day of goodbye. Florence is 25 years old when the story begins. She is stuck in a bad habit, like most teenagers in the early 20s: snoozing the alarm until the very last minute, the goes through her social media updates while bus on her way to work, does her office work mindlessly and engage in an argument with her mother at her free time. But all these suddenly change after she met with Krish. She is struck by his music as well as himself. This becomes the beginning of a relationship which is developed over many the chapter. Each chapter is collected to become one of the multi-structures of the game. Krish and Florence get to know each other, fall in love and then fall out of love. Sound funny, huh! These types of heartbreaks are very hurting, and unfortunately, they are there in our daily lives. What’s surprising is that the Florence game is not related to a relationship story. It is like a wormhole into one’s personal life that makes him/her make a life-changing turn. The conversations between the two lovers are presented in the puzzle format. You will be required to remove and replace things in Florence’s apartment to create room for Krish.

Stranger Things: The Game App

Netflix’s series inspire this game, but the developer has taken the show to the next level using the modern low res pixel art style with an adventure theme. Stranger Things: BonusXP created the Game in collaboration with Netflix and given to the fans of the series as a gift. The 16-bit adventure game is filled with characters, different locations, and references from the series. The developers have transformed the town of Hawkins into dungeons for exploration, different puzzles to solve and several secrets to expose. You will start the game as the Chief of Police Jim Hopper. You will receive shocking news in the middle of the night that Will Byers and his counterparts have gone missing. This game combines scenes from season one and two but with different sets of events. The first dungeon you will search is at Hawkins National Laboratory and is secured with patrolling guards to combat and different laser beam puzzles to be solved. You will be required to switch off the control panels and locate the keycards to advance to the next room. You will gather different characters in your mission like Lucas who will help you to solve various puzzles. By tracking your previous dungeons, you will be able to get several bonuses. Besides the immersive gameplay, you can play Stranger Things: The Game on iOS and Android-powered devices.

bCasino App

bCasino is a pure British site offering players with the chance to enjoy different types of casino games. These operators have partnered with some of the giant casino mobile game developers in the iGaming industry like NetEnt, Playson, Play n Go and many others. All mobile games have stunning graphics and smooth gameplay. You will find popular video slot titles like 7 Sins, Gonzo’s Quest, The Mask, The Lab, and several tables and card games as well. What is interesting is that you don’t require to download any software or application. The games are built with the modern cutting edge technology like HTML5 which enables them to be accessed instantly through browsers. bCasino is fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and uses the latest 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption software. Other than the rich game portfolio, the site offers generous bonuses and promotional offers to new and regular players.

Sea Hero Quest App

Sea Hero Quest is a unique game that can test spatial navigation skills. Statistics have shown that the game has been played by more than 2.4 million people and can show dementia symptoms. The game was developed by Alzheimer’s Research Uk, Deutsche Telekom, and several software creators and scientists. The data collected by the game will be used by experts to build the first benchmark for spatial navigation. This will aid in advancing the game into an early diagnostic test for this disease that is the cause of many deaths in the UK. In Sea Hero Quest game you will be required to navigate your boat through waters in locations with different themes and more than 75 levels, as you collecting items. You will be required to provide your age and sex to help scientists to keep their records. This game is playable across different devices including Android and iOS.

Thomas Was Alone App

Thomas Was Alone is an intriguing game that is built with great visual arts, immersive soundtrack, and seamless gameplay. , and it is about the invention of the first Artificial Intelligence (AIs) machines. They are ten chapters, and each one of them begins with a fictional quote from newspapers, spokespeople and Event commentators. You will hear the narrative texture coming from the internal monologues of the projected jumping rectangles as they find their way through geometric levels. The game starts with a single red jumping rectangle, and then you start picking up your friends along the way. All your friends have different personalities and with various superpowers. The objective in every level is to get every shape to a window; they will be moved to the next level once they are all in place.

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