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Ultimate PrepAway Guide to Passing ADM 201 Exam at Your First Attempt


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Attaining the IT certifications is the best way to prove your credibility in the IT platform and secure your dream job. Even though attaining the top credentials requires dedication, pursuing them is worth the effort considering the countless benefits they bring. Salesforce certifications are outstanding in the sense that they equip you with job-specific skills while still remaining quite affordable.

Salesforce Certification ADM-201 Questions comes with several benefits such as improving your career prospects. It provides a solid foundation for your career growth but is passing this exam as hard as you’ve always perceived it? Let’s see.

The Salesforce Certified Administrator certification is ideal for individuals with relevant experience as Salesforce administrators. It may be such a prestigious certification but one thing is for sure, attaining this credential is not a piece of cake.

There are up to four concepts you need to understand in order to pass this exam. These include managing users, data and security, maintaining and customizing sales cloud and service cloud applications and building reports, dashboards and workflows.

ADM 201 Exam Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this exam. However, Salesforce recommends that you should take the Administration Essentials for New Admins(ADM 201) and Administration Essentials for New Admins and Certification (ADM 201C) courses before scheduling your exams.

Additionally, other recommended courses include The Preparing for your Salesforce Administrator Certification (CRT-101), Salesforce Proficiency for Admins and Administrative Essentials for New Admins in Lightning Experience (ADX-201).

ADM 201 Exam Fact

The salesforce ADM 201 exam tests 60 items. Unlike other certification exam questions that may come in various formats, the ADM 201 exam questions are purely multiple choice forms. The total time allotted for this exam is 105 minutes.

You may think the exam duration is too long until you realize that this exam also includes 5 unscored questions. So why would Salesforce bring unscored questions in its certification exam? You may ask.

Well, the unscored questions were developed in 2017 and they play a key role in data collection on question performance. These questions are just an addition to the 60 exam questions and they have no impact on your final score.

That aside, the passing score for this exam is 65%. As a top IT vendor, Salesforce does not tolerate exam irregularities and this explains why nobody is allowed to carry any hardcopy or online materials for reference during the exam.

Exam Registration and Retake Policy

Salesforce allows for both onsite and online exam delivery. This is specifically important for its proctored exams. Feel free to schedule your exam at any time on the official website. But before looking to schedule your exam, you will have to pay an exam fee of $200. It’s worth reminding that other taxes may also apply based on the requirements of the local law.

Passing this exam is obviously the primary objective but in the event that the worst happens and you fail the exam at your first attempt, there is no need to panic. You can retake your exam after paying a retake fee of $100 plus any applicable taxes as stipulated by the local law.

Tips for Passing ADM 201 Exam

There’s nothing more satisfying than achieving your goals. Whether it is from a personal perspective or career goals, achieving your goals gives a great feeling. However, preparing for any certification exams can be a hurdle. Crude preparation techniques from unreliable sources can only aggravate the situation.

Thankfully, plenty of resources are currently available online to aid your exam preparation and take your career to the horizons of success. When preparing for the ADM 201 exam, you have plenty of options from the Salesforce official website as well as other top websites.

Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice Test

With a valid practice test for the ADM 201 exam, preparing for your exam couldn’t be easier. This material is ideal for gauging your knowledge of the exam content in readiness for the ultimate test. The practice test exposes you to the real exam testing format and the level of questions you can expect in the certified administrator exam.

Other Top Web Resources for ADM 201 Exam Preparation

As already mentioned, there are countless training materials available online to aid in your exam preparation. However, it shouldn’t be assumed that any training material for the ADM 201 exam is valid.

It is only through proper research that you will find reliable websites that are committed to ensuring you achieve your certification goals. One such a reliable website is PrepAway. With tons of training materials for the ADM 201 exam, considering PrepAway for your exam preparation needs is one of the best decisions you can ever make. From the ETE software to premium bundle and valid exam dumps among others, this site got you covered.

ADM 201 Premium Bundle

With a premium PrepAway file containing as many as 1013 questions, a premium bundle is indeed a viable tool for your exam preparation. Besides, it also has a training course of 62 lectures to give you a better understanding of the exam content. Imagine getting all these materials for only $16.99.

Exam Dumps

The role of exam dumps at ensuring your success in the certification exams is debatable. But here’s the good news; the valid exam dumps from the PrepAway website guarantee positive results at your first attempt. No wonder many people have expressed their delight at the critical role these dumps played during their certification journey. The good thing about these PrepAway exam dumps for the ADM 201 exam is that they are actual since they are frequently updated. Thus, they will help you passing this exam really quick and hassle-free.

ETE Software

What if software existed that could simulate the actual exam testing environment.A software that could expose you to the real exam environment to help boost your confidence in the long run.

Guess what! That software actually exists and is known as ETE testing engine. This tool has been designed to open .ete files like PrepAway dump files. This is also an invaluable training tool that mimics the real exam testing environment to gauge your understanding of the exam content while boosting your confidence at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Many people will claim that passing the Salesforce certification exams is such a daunting task. But as you can see, there are countless resources to aid your exam preparation and you can attest that passing ADM 201 exam is not as difficult as you’ve always perceived it. It’s time to bury the false claims about the ADM 201 exam and embark on your certification journey to take your IT career to the next level. Remember, the only way to stay relevant in the ever-changing IT platform is through earning the relevant certification. And the Salesforce Administrator certification presents the perfect opportunity to achieve exactly that.

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